When it comes to fields, it is usually sufficient to select which ones will appear on a given screen but Jira administrators have other options available to them. Administrators have the ability to hide fields if they wish to prevent users from changing a field’s value. They also have the option to require users to […]

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas. There were many tracks and topics available. I made sure to mark the most interesting talks on my handy dandy Atlassian Events App. One track I was particularly interested in was People, Practices and Culture. I enjoy learning how we can […]

“Easy… Secrets? Wait. What’s that?… Oh, oh, ok. Excuse me. So it’s Easysecrets, one word? Got it, but still. You’ve got to be kidding me!” As a trusted, Platinum Atlassian Partner we get asked all the time for input on an array of topics, but hands down, the number one inquisition is all about the […]

One of the powerful new features introduced with Confluence 6.0, collaborative editing, allows multiple users to edit a document together in real-time. Under the hood, the Synchrony service keeps tabs on all the moving parts and performs the necessary behind-the-scenes magic to make this feature a breeze to use. A client had recently attempted to […]

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen. It’s very rare that we get to write in the style of our favorite blogger, Dr. John Watson, but something happened this week that seemed like it leaped out of the pages of The Strand. At Isos, we recently started seeing a rash of Confluence servers going down […]

Summary I’ve been working on some onboarding exercises here at Isos Technology where I’m tasked with getting familiar with how we deploy and customize Atlassian applications. As part of this, I thought it would be a good idea to explore the database schema and look around a bit at some tables. I began with psql, […]

In my last blog post we used a Jupyter notebook to create a custom report from a Jira server. It turns out connectivity to Atlassian apps doesn’t stop at Jira. Today we are going to use the same script creation and execution process to create bulk repositories in a Fisheye / Crucible server. Let’s begin! What […]

I needed a quick way to communicate with our employees. Thank you Slack!! As the HR person at Isos, I periodically (frequently) need to communicate different forms of information with our employees.  Sometimes it’s a pdf. Sometimes it’s an announcement. Sometimes it’s a link to a Confluence page or HelloSign link. Many different topics need […]

As teams begin to work in an Agile fashion, dividing up work into smaller batch sizes so that it fits in smaller iterations, many business stakeholders wonder about whether the broader themes that they want can be realized from the development and deployment of all these “stories”.  To that end, many businesses take those stories […]

Workflows are fundamental to every Jira project, so it’s important to set them up correctly. Jira provides tremendous flexibility in how you can configure a workflow. However, this also means there are a lot of details that can mismanaged. One of the most common mistakes administrators make is forgetting to properly set and clear the […]