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Atlassian Managed
Services & Support

Providing dedicated, hands-on support to deliver the right solutions for your organization

Check out the benefits that an Atlassian Managed Services Provider can bring to your organization.

Managing and scaling your organization the right way

Organizations of all different sizes across industries rely on Atlassian tools to meet complex business demands. But the task of managing and scaling these tools effectively can become overwhelming as an organization grows, which is where Isos Technology’s Managed Services come in. As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we provide crucial help to hundreds of organizations, allowing them to get the most value out of their Atlassian investment and gain peace of mind along the way. From day one, we'll work with you to define needs, focus areas, scope, and expectations. Whether you’re looking to fill resource or knowledge gaps, our team can help with day-to-day services and strategic guidance, supporting your Atlassian tools in Cloud, Data Center, or a hybrid environment. Let Isos’ expert services and experience, combined with Atlassian tools, fuel your digital transformation.

Learn about our approach to Managed Services

What you get with Managed Services

Operational heavy lifting

Atlassian Managed Services can help your business operate at its best through hands-on keyboard administration and support.

License Management

We handle all system administration and maintenance tasks related to your Atlassian tools to support and increase performance.


From request management to escalations, incident response and resolution, our Atlassian experts will make sure your tools are functioning effectively.

License management

Let Isos be your one-stop shop for licensing, from selection, purchasing, and consolidating to making sure renewals are timely to avoid service disruptions. 


We’ll configure and integrate Atlassian tools to meet your unique business requirements, and automate complex processes to increase efficiency.

Strategic partnership

Our strategic Managed Services can support your long-term success through expert best practices and guidance.

Lead Resources
Business Evolution

Dedicated lead resource

You'll work with a skilled, Atlassian-certified resource on our team, who knows your tools and processes inside and out, to provide informed, insightful, and timely guidance.


We'll implement governance best practices and help you meet risk management, compliance, and data privacy and security needs.

Account management

Our Account Executive team is dedicated to meeting your needs. We’ll learn your goals and objectives, and use our experience and expertise to ensure you have the right tools and services to support your vision.

Business evolution

We’re committed to your ongoing growth and success, and we’ll continue to adapt our services to meet your evolving needs.


If you decide to self-host your Atlassian tools, our team of experts can also provide you with the following services.

Incident Management
Hybrid Solutions
Application Upgrade
Incident management

We'll proactively monitor your system to identify service interruptions, improve response time, and provide hands-on incident response to restore service and minimize disruption.


Our team will mitigate and proactively resolve security vulnerabilities through patching and upgrades, and provide guidance around Disaster Recovery options.

Hybrid solutions

We’ll work with your unique infrastructure to provide support and services that make the most sense for your business, including support for Cloud plus Data Center or multi-cloud environments.

Application upgrades

Routine maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by our Managed Services team. Rest assured your tools will be updated and fully functional at all times. 

A partner you can rely on

The benefits of partnering with a Managed Services Provider are long-lasting and impactful to your organization's success.

Cost Effective
Custom Solution
Peace Mind
Scalable support

We fill strategic gaps and support a variety of functions across your organization. Partnering with our experts ensures that you have the right resources at the right times, so your teams can focus on being successful. 

Cost-effective expertise

See true, long-term cost savings by relying on our experts instead of hiring FTEs for specialized roles across the organization. Our consultants are continuously trained in current Atlassian tools, Marketplace Apps, and industry best practices.

Custom solutions

We tailor the scope of our services and level of resources to fit your organization's unique needs, recommending solutions with your strategic objectives in mind.  

Peace of mind

As Atlassian-certified experts, we can make life easier for your organization by taking over tool support. Give your teams the time and resources to focus on the organization's high-level, strategic plans, while we worry about the day-to-day.

The Isos Managed Services team

Our team of highly specialized experts has years of experience working with Atlassian tools to help companies achieve their goals securely, efficiently, and effectively. Here are a few of the experts supporting our clients in this area:

Jay Louvis

Jay Louvis
Director of Managed Services



Managed Services Manager



Technical Practice Owner



Technical Practice Owner



Pacific Team Lead



Team Lead



Team Lead



Team Lead



Team Lead

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Let’s chat about Atlassian.

We'd love to discuss how our Managed Services team can optimize your Atlassian investment and add value to your organization. Reach out today to get started!

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