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Your partner for Atlassian Managed Services & support

Customized solutions for Atlassian tools to meet the needs of your organization.
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Why you need Managed Services


Many organizations rely on Atlassian tools to meet complex business demands across the company. These tools are always changing and evolving, while at the same time business needs change too. Atlassian admins are left juggling multiple mission-critical responsibilities, such as application administration, tool integration, and incident management, which can easily become overwhelming for a resource or budget-constrained team.

Atlassian Managed Services are a smart, flexible, and cost-effective solution for organizations to outsource the operations of their Atlassian tools. From support, to subject matter expertise, to strategic guidance and best practices, Isos Technology’s team of Atlassian certified experts helps organizations get the most value from their Atlassian investment and achieve their business goals.

Key benefits


Flexible and scalable support

We can fill gaps and support a variety of functions across your organization, even as needs change, so that you have the right resources, at the right time, to be successful. We provide experience and expertise in Agile, DevOps, ITSM, Training, and more, and right-size a team that makes sense for you.

cost-effective solutions

Cost-effective expertise

Instead of hiring full-time employees, you can rely on our team of experts to fill a variety of specialized roles within your organization, at a fraction of the cost, and all in one place. Our experts engage in continuous training to stay current on Atlassian tools, Marketplace Apps, and industry best practices.

custom solutions

Custom solutions

We tailor the scope of our services and level of resources to fit your organization’s unique needs, recommending solutions with your short-term and long-term goals in mind. Our team’s breadth of experience and expertise ensures we can add value to your business where it’s needed most.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

As Atlassian-certified experts with years of experience, we can make your life easier and less stressful by taking over responsibility for day-to-day tool support, helping your teams work more efficiently and effectively, and offering high-level strategic guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Why Isos Technology?


As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations get the most value out of their technology investment. We make organizations’ Atlassian tools work more efficiently and effectively, with the least amount of disruption, so that they can focus on their business priorities. As experts in software development, business processes, and change management, we help organizations tackle tough problems across ITSM, Agile at Scale, DevOps, and Cloud adoption to achieve their desired results. Let Isos’ expert services and experience, combined with Atlassian tools, fuel your digital transformation.

What you get with Managed Services


Whether you’re looking to fill resource or knowledge gaps, our Managed Services team can help. We offer day-to-day and strategic services to support your Atlassian tools in Cloud, Data Center, or a hybrid environment.

Depending on your needs, Managed Services engagements can include:

Operational heavy lifting

Our day-to-day Managed Services can help your business operate at its best through hands-on keyboard administration and support.

Admin (red) -1

We’ll handle all system administration and maintenance tasks related to your Atlassian tools to support and improve performance.

Optimize (red)-1

We’ll configure and integrate your Atlassian tools to meet your unique business requirements, and automate complex processes to increase efficiency.


We’ll support your Atlassian tools and internal teams, from request management, to escalations, to incident response and resolution.

License management

We’ll manage all aspects of selecting, purchasing, and consolidating your Atlassian licenses to streamline renewals and keep things running smoothly.

Strategic partnership

Our strategic Managed Services can support your long-term success through expert best practices and guidance.

Instructions and Guidance

Dedicated lead resource

You’ll work with a skilled, Atlassian-certified resource on our team, who knows your tools and processes inside and out, to provide informed, insightful, and timely support.


quality work-01

Account management

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to meeting your organization’s needs. We’ll learn your goals and objectives, and use our experience and expertise to ensure you have the right tools and services to support your vision.


Governance, risk management, compliance

We'll implement governance best practices and help you meet risk management, compliance, and data privacy and security needs across your organization.

evolve with your business

Business evolution

Yes we’re Atlassian experts, but we’re not just focused on tools. We have years of industry and consulting experience that we leverage to provide strategic insights and guidance to your organization. As your partner, we’re committed to your ongoing growth and success, and we will continue to adapt our services to meet your changing business needs.


If you decide to self-host your Atlassian tools, our team of experts can also provide you with the following services.

we_re extremely thorough
Incident management

We’ll proactively monitor your system to identify service interruptions and improve response time, and provide hands-on incident response to restore service and minimize disruption.

Application upgrades

We’ll regularly deploy upgrades and conduct routine maintenance on your Atlassian tools to keep you up to date with the latest versions and functionality.

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We’ll mitigate and proactively resolve security vulnerabilities through patching and upgrades, and provide guidance around Disaster Recovery options.

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Hybrid solutions

We work with many organizations that utilize several deployment options for their Atlassian tools, including Cloud plus Data Center, or multi-cloud environments. We’ll work with your unique infrastructure to provide support and services that make the most sense for your business.

How it works

From day one, we work with you to define needs, focus areas, scope, and expectations, so that our team can have the greatest impact on your organization. Engagements include:

Managed Services discovery

Our consulting team will work with your business to identify top priorities, review your Atlassian tools, and provide guidance on the level of service needed. During this phase, we’ll identify resources, build a backlog, and begin work on a specific task as an example of the Managed Services engagement experience.

Managed Services engagement

This is where we dive deep and tackle the backlog of work identified during Discovery in accordance with your needs, goals and priorities. We’ll document and proactively monitor your Atlassian environment, and your dedicated Isos resource will keep you up-to-date on progress through regular status meetings and reports.

Quarterly alignment

We’ll conduct quarterly strategic business reviews to discuss the goals we set for our services during that time frame, and measure performance outcomes against those goals. After reviewing goals and aligning on new priorities, we’ll define the next backlog of work to be done, and rescope and adjust resources as necessary to meet the agreed upon objectives for your organization.

What our customers say


“Isos is a one-stop-shop for us. They’re helping us maximize our Atlassian investment across the organization so we can improve efficiency and scalability like never before.”

Ken H.
CIO, Able Engineering

“Isos helped ASU fill a critical resource need to support our entire Jira environment. They quickly analyzed our environment and began confidently handling day-to-day Jira admin with little to no impact to our projects. Thank you, Isos!”

Rob Y.
Director, University Technology Office, Arizona State University

"Some of the best technical people I’ve come across in my career."

Kevin S.
Head of Information Technology, Worldwide Social Video Service Provider

Success stories


Lufthansa Featured Image

"The project was lightning fast, but Isos was great about making sure we were comfortable along the way. They kept us informed about the status of the project and made sure our
team was trained to use it properly. It’s truly an example of high-velocity IT."

-Head of IT, Americas, Lufthansa


"The Atlassian tools work incredibly well in our complex creative and production environment. With Jira, we have detailed insight into the status of every project and what everyone is working on. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but it also helps prevent errors."

-Vice President, Brand Identity and Systems, CBS

Let’s chat about Atlassian.

We'd love to discuss how our Atlassian Managed Services can add value to your organization. To contact a member of the team, use the navigation below. 


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