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Atlassian Clour Migration: Minimize Costs, Reduce Headaches, Accelerate Benefits

Agile transformation requires an entire company to become laser-focused on delivering customer value and satisfaction, which means there are multiple places an agile transformation can stall.

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Engaging Leadership Throughout the Agile Transformation Journey

Agile transformation requires an entire company to become laser focused on delivering customer value and satisfaction, which means there are multiple places an agile transformation can stall.

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3 Ways IT Leaders are Doubling Down on Enterprise Service Management

In this webinar, learn how the marketing team at CBS increased efficiencies and improved processes and collaboration by leveraging the power of Atlassian's tools.

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SRE as a Service: Transforming DevOps from Build to Run

In this webinar, Thad West, CEO of Isos Technology, discusses the evolution of DevOps with SRE and SLO experts, and shows how DevOps can help organizations deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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3 Agile & DevOps Best Practices for Success in Atlassian Cloud

In this online panel discussion, featuring experts from StarCIO, AppFire, and Isos Technology, our speakers will explore three critical best practices for achieving success once you've migrated to Atlassian Cloud. 

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Atlassian Team '21 Recap Webinar: Top Takeaways from the Conference

Did you attend Atlassian's huge annual conference, Team '21? If you missed it we have you covered with webinar recapping key takeaways, product announcements and more!

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SRE and Service Level Objectives: 5 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Services

Site Reliability Engineering (a.k.a. SRE) is one of the fastest-growing job categories in enterprise technology. But what separates this trendy job from good ol’ Operations?

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5 Best practices merging Atlassian Instances in a cloud migration

5 Best Practices Merging Atlassian Instances in a Cloud Migration

Consolidating your Atlassian environment prior to and during a clod migration can be a tricky undertaking, particularly if you don't have the proper processes and tools in place. Join our panel of experts and learn more!

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How to Navigate Scaled Agile

How to Navigate Scaled Agile Using SAFe®, Jira Align, & Marketplace Apps

Scaling Agile has become increasingly critical for businesses who want to survive and thrive in this time of uncertainty. Learn how to embrace this initiative, and what solutions might be best for your company.

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10 Decisions to Make When Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Decisions to Make When Migrating to Cloud

Migrating your Atlassian instance(s) can be a daunting task, particularly if you don't have a solid plan in place. Organizations need to thoroughly address many key considerations prior to a Cloud migration and make a number of important decisions.

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Resilient IT Services for the New Normal

IT leaders are coming to realize that a hybrid of office, remote, and fieldwork environments is the new normal. Leaders and employees are adjusting priorities, operations, and means of collaborating in response to health and safety factors.

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Opsgenie Magic Show

Magic Show: Opsgenie  Webinar

Opsgenie is a centralized hub for all alerts and monitoring. This magical tool will bolster all currently used Jira technology. With Opsgenie, your team can be more organized and find more things in the right place.

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Agile Service Desk in Post-COVID World

Improve the Agile Service Desk in a Post-COVID World Webinar

As businesses evolve in a post-COVID-19 world, there will be a greater need for IT to empower a digital workforce with improved capabilities and service levels, while seeking ways to reduce costs.

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Atlassian Cloud vs Data Center-1

Atlassian Cloud vs. Atlassian Data Center Webinar

Should your business adopt Atlassian Cloud, or would it be preferable to maintain an on-premise hosting solution like Atlassian Data Center? Both deployment options have benefits.

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Improving DevOps Collab on Major Incident Resolution and PM

Improving DevOps Collaboration on Major Incident Resolution and Problem Management

Can updated DevOps goals, integrated tools, simple automation, real-time reporting, and a collaborative technology team address gaps in improving recovery times and addressing problem root causes?

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