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Practical Recommendations for Cleaning and Organizing Your Atlassian Instance

In this whitepaper, we explore the challenges organizations face when their Atlassian instances become messy or unwieldy and offer practical guidance for cleaning up Jira Service Management, Jira, and Confluence.

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The Definitive Guide to Transitioning from ITSM to ESM

In this whitepaper, we explore how ITSM teams can serve as a center of excellence around service and knowledge management for business teams across their organizations.

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A Foundational Guide to Site Reliability Engineering, Service Level Objectives, and Service Level Indicators

In this whitepaper, you'll learn DevOps and SRE can be complicated, but SLOs are a clear way to define, measure, and manage reliability to ensure you are meeting customers' expectations while building and running.

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Leading Through Change: The C-Suite's Role in Enterprise Agile Transformation

In this whitepaper, you'll learn the "why" behind enterprise agile transformation, the risks of not undertaking transformation, and how failed transformations can be as challenging as not undertaking one at all.

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The Case for Jira Service Management: Its Functional and Economic Benefits and How It Stacks Up Against ServiceNow®

In this whitepaper we look at key factors when considering JSM and ServiceNow, the total economic transparency and impact of JSM, solutions for non-technical teams and extensibility, and how your business needs impact your decision.

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The Demystification of Atlassian Cloud: How to Choose the Right Plan for Your Organization

Atlassian Cloud offers the following: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise tiers. The functionality of individual products may vary from tier to tier, and in addition to uptime, support, and other differentiating factors, product functionality.

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Key Considerations for a Modern, Resilient, and Agile Service Desk

This whitepaper serves as a foundational guide for any organization interested in building agile and resilient service desks. Learn more about the reasons why companies are investing in and updating the underlying technology that powers service desks.

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atlassian managed services

Atlassian Managed Services Whitepaper

Organizations opt for managed services for many reasons: to better focus on their core competencies, gain workforce flexibility, improve scalability, reduce expenses, and in the case of managed services related to Atlassian tools.

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Essential Guide to Merging Instances When Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

The Essential Guide to Merging Instances When Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

This whitepaper serves as a foundational guide for any organization planning to merge multiple instances of Atlassian tools (primarily Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence) and migrate them to the cloud.

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JSM: A Modern ITSM Solution for an Evolving IT Landscape

JSM is designed to help IT teams deliver customer value faster without adding significant cost of complexity; make work more visible and transparent across teams to support cross-functional decision making and issue resolution; and streamline and speed the flow of information between teams. 

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7 Key Decisions About Apps

Migrating to Cloud: 7 Decisions to Make About Apps

This whitepaper will delve into a number of key decisions that will need to be made throughout the Cloud migration process.

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Navigating Scaled Agile with SAFe ® and Jira Align

Learn how SAFe® paired with powerful technology like Atlassian's Jira Align can help organizations scale, while improving agility.

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How a Single Platform Can Improve DevOps and ITSM Collaboration

Improving DevOps and ITSM With a Single Platform

More than ever, organizations are making the culture and structural changes necessary to embrace DevOps. This transformation drives increasing demand for ITSM support of new products and releases.

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How to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud Steps

How to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud in 8 Steps

There are any number of reasons an organization might choose to migrate to Atlassian Cloud. Learn the high-level steps an organization will need to take to plan for, prepare for, and migrate to Atlassian Cloud. 

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Isos Migration to Atlassian Cloud Resize

Considerations in Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

While there are numerous benefits to transition to Atlassian Cloud, such as scalability, automatic updates, and ease of management, it may not be the right solution for all businesses. 

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Use Atlassian Tools to Streamline Systems (1024x512)

Use Atlassian Tools to Streamline Systems Development Processes

Learn how to optimize Development and Business teams by implementing the Atlassian toolset. You will streamline systems development and increase collaboration. 

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How to Get the Most Value from Your Atlassian Investment with a Partner

Learn how to optimize Development and Business teams by having an Atlassian Solution Partner on your side to implement and maintain your Atlassian Tools.

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Managing Jira at scale 1024 x 512

Managing Jira at Scale: How to Optimize Jira as Your Company Grows

Jira Software’s flexibility and features have cemented its spot as an indispensable business tool. It can be adapted to all companies, both large and small. 

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