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CBS Marketing Group Partners with Isos Technology to Streamline Complex Project Management Processes

CBS Marketing Group’s more than 150 team members had been using a proprietary, .NET-based system. Over time, workgroups with different areas of focus had developed different processes and methodologies and modified it to meet their specific needs. 

Isos Technology helped CBS implement Atlassian tools into a new, easy-to-use project management system, designed to streamline the promotional spot production process.

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Weld North Education Partners with Isos Technology for Cloud Merge

Isos Technology was able to help WNE merge their two Atlassian Cloud instances, streamline operations and reduce confusion within their teams.

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Implementing and Optimizing Jira Service Management for a Health Engagement Company

A Seattle-based organization works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver patient engagement solutions.

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Automating and Speeding FDA Compliance Reporting in Life Sciences

A global consumer health care company simplified reporting by developing an innovative software application to help consumers track medication doses. 

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Technology and Services to Fuel the Challenged Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry faces challenges with outdated core systems that threaten growth, business visibility and future opportunity.

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Clinical Trials Major Medical University

Clinical Trials Major Medical University

Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis, MO, purchased Jira and Confluence with the mindset these products would greatly increase their ability to facilitate trial workflows and processes. 

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Video Game Developer Selects Isos Technology to Implement JIRA and Confluence 

A video game developer required more governance around Atlassian tools, merging JIRA and Confluence instances, and metrics and reporting. 

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Powering the Department of Defense with Jira Service Management

The Department of Defense needed a system that was more efficient in managing the high volume of tickets across a number of internal employees.

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Revitalizing IT Service Management with Jira Service Management

An internal IT team struggled with keeping 1,500 employees happy with their home-grown ITSM application that created more headaches than it cured. 

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