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Fast track your Atlassian success

Find and achieve your team’s true potential with our Atlassian Fast Track program.
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Solve complex IT challenges and operate at maximum efficiency.


In under a week, our Atlassian consultants will work with you and your team to identify and prioritize your top Atlassian objectives.

Your fast-tracked roadmap to an optimized Atlassian environment

Get Results Quickly

Get results quickly

Within a single working week, we’ll provide you with a roadmap for an optimal Atlassian tool setup, including expert recommendations and best practices.

adress unkwon problems

Address unknown problems

It takes an expert team to identify and diagnose underlying issues, problems, and inefficiencies. We’ll help you figure out how to achieve a clean Atlassian bill of health!

Comprehensive assesment

Comprehensive assessment

Isos will assess all aspects of your Atlassian environment, including processes, integrations, apps, legacy systems, and more.

tailored experience

Tailored experience

We’ll look at your unique business environment, address your toughest challenges, and provide best practices to help you overcome obstacles.

The Isos 50-hour Atlassian diagnosis process


Step 1

Three days of interactive sessions at your location with our Atlassian Solutions Architect or Process/Development Expert


Step 2

A long-term strategy report, developed offsite, or approximately eight additional hours of interactive virtual sessions with our Atlassian consultants


Step 3

A joint review of your strategy report with your team and a discussion of next steps

Optimize your Atlassian environment with guidance from proven experts.

As an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, Isos Technology is uniquely equipped to diagnose and fix your Atlassian aches and pains. We’re looking forward to getting your team up and running!


Clients who trust us


"The Atlassian tools work incredibly well in our complex creative and production environment. With Jira, we have detailed insight into the status of every project and what everyone is working on. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but it also helps prevent errors."

-Vice President, Brand Identity and Systems, CBS

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