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What IT Managers Need to Know About Jira Service Management

The new Jira Service Management system makes it easier for IT managers to increase productivity and efficiency. Watch our new video to see how!

Why Jira Service Management is the Smart Solution for Today's ITSM

Atlassian's Jira Service Desk is becoming Jira Service Management in November 2020. Watch our video to see how this will help IT leaders!

Looking Ahead: More Jira Service Management Features Coming Soon!

IT Service Management teams have a lot to look forward to in the new Jira Service Management system. Watch our new video to see what's coming!

Jira Service Desk Webinar

Jira Service Desk, available on-premise or in the cloud, Jira Service Desk eliminates time spent managing work, so you have time to actually fix problems - or develop mobile apps - or whatever that great thing is you do in IT. Jira helps you work smarter.

Transform Your Service Desk: The Atlassian Approach to IT Service Management

Atlassian Summit 2019 Recap

The Atlassian Summit 2019 experience, including Developer Day, training session, ShipIt Live, Key Notes, and Expo.

Improving Processes with Scrum and Kanban

A comparison of Scrum vs. Kanban to discover which agile methodology works best for your organization.

Cleo Power Self Service Case Study

Building a powerful customer service experience with Web Self-Service while reducing costs for Cleo Company.

Pruning Columns in Jira Boards

When setting up columns in Jira boards, consider audience, how the board will be used, and info needed.

Stay SAFe with Jira

A pragmatic approach to implementing the scaled agile framework by using the power of Jira. 

Jira Projects from Shared Schemes

How to use reference projects in Jira to leverage shared schemes, simplifying your process.

Displaying WSJF in a Jira Backlog

How to change the card layout to view WSJF custom fields on your Jira board.

Creating A Multiple-project Jira Board

How to create a multiple-project board using the teams and space project and team travel web project.

PI Planning Setup in Confluence

How to layout your Confluence page in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Jira Service Desk

How Jira Service Desk can transform your service management solutions in as little as one month.

Optimize With the Atlassian Experts

How an Atlassian partner can help manage and optimize your Atlassian tools and environment.

2015 AZ Top Tech Exec Awards - Thad West

How CEO Thad West started ISOS Technology and went on to win a 2015 AZ Top Tech Exec Award.