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ITSM Solutions
Tailored for Every Team

Empower your digital transformation with Jira Service Management and Isos Technology.

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Transform Your IT Service Management
with Jira Service Management


Jira Service Management can help streamline your ITSM and DevOps processes, leading to greater efficiencies and innovation. 

Our team of Atlassian Experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your service management and issue-tracking needs. Let us help you transform your processes into a cohesive and streamlined experience that meets your unique requirements.

ITSM Bundles

Tailored ITSM Solutions for Your Success

Our Starter, Professional, and Advanced ITSM Bundles simplify the deployment of service management for IT and business teams of all kinds. Our expertise and experience make it easy to spin up the appropriate service management environment for your organization using Atlassian tools. We’ll implement Jira Service Management (JSM) with best practice configurations and integrations and help you get value out of your technology investment faster.



The starter bundle is for IT or business teams who are trying to move away from a manual, email-based ticket process or simple tool to a more effective system. This bundle allows you to start smaller with JSM, but still includes core functionality like a service portal and incident management.



The professional bundle is for more mature IT or business teams who have outgrown, or aren't getting value out of, another tool. The professional bundle includes everything from the starter bundle. plus functionality like asset management and chat integrations.



The advanced bundle is for enterprise IT or business teams. This bundle is perfect for organizations who need the ITIL - compliant framework and configurations from the previous bundles, as well as advanced functionality like event management and integration with monitoring tools.

The Jira Service Management Advantage

Asset Management

JSM  (Jira Service Management) offers a flexible and open data structure that allows teams to manage any asset with ease. With asset tracking, discovery, and review functionality, they can efficiently track ownership and lifecycles, and reduce costs.

Request Management

JSM is a single platform that makes it easy to manage work across teams, so your employees and customers quickly get the help they need. Requests from across the company can be viewed, managed, tracked, and queued in a simple and intuitive service desk.

Incident Management

JSM features and functionality bring your development and IT operations teams together to rapidly respond to, resolve, and continuously learn from incidents. Jira Service Management achieves this with clear alerting and on-call management, full control over major incident escalation, as well as detailed reporting and analytics.

Change Management

Empower your IT and Operations teams with richer contextual information around changes from software development tools so they can make better decisions and minimize risk. They can also leverage automation to save time on approving and deploying low-risk changes.

Key Benefits of JSM for Your Organization

Increase Customer  Satisfaction

Enhanced Service Satisfaction

Elevate the customer experience with streamlined service operations, ensuring prompt and effective issue resolution.

resolve incidents quickly

Value Delivered Faster

Accelerate product development cycles and deliver customer value faster by leveraging agile workflows and collaboration tools.

deliver value faster

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Optimize resource utilization, reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiency through streamlined processes and standardized tooling.

develope better products

Effective Change Management

Navigate change seamlessly with robust features to support adaptability and minimize disruptions to your business processes.

managing change effectivley

Rapid Incident Resolution

Minimize downtime and maintain productivity by addressing issues swiftly and preventing prolonged service disruptions.

standardize tooling

Consistency Across Teams

Standardize tools and processes across teams to enable collaboration, consistency, and improved communication for enhanced overall performance.

The Isos Technology Advantage

Isos Technology is your trusted partner for Atlassian services, offering end-to-end solutions from implementing Jira Service Management to optimization. We specialize in ITSM Transformations helping you tackle your toughest IT Service Management challenges and accelerating your business outcomes. 



At Isos, we begin with a thorough assessment of your current ITSM landscape, which helps us uncover areas for improvement and craft a tailor-made strategy that aligns with Atlassian best practices. Our team of experts works closely with you to design a robust ITSM architecture that is scalable and can evolve with your business needs. We collaborate with you to create strategic roadmaps that guide your journey from legacy ITSM to the agile power of Jira Service Management. Our roadmaps define clear milestones and timelines to ensure a seamless transition.



Our team of Atlassian-certified professionals can help you implement, integrate, migrate, consolidate, train, and manage organizational change with confidence. From deploying Jira Service Management to consolidating data efficiently and providing targeted training programs, we are here to help you maximize the potential of Atlassian solutions and adopt a more agile and effective ITSM approach.



Let our Atlassian experts optimize your ITSM tools and business processes using industry best practices. Our workshops and coaching sessions keep you informed about the latest trends and best practices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.



As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we offer Managed Services and support for your Atlassian ITSM tools. We provide expert assistance to ensure their ongoing health and performance. We also offer Enterprise Managed Services and support, helping you scale your ITSM support to enterprise levels. We also provide License Management services to optimize your Jira Service Management licenses, keeping you in control of your licensing to support evolving ITSM requirements.


Isos Technology's Service Management team

Our team of highly specialized experts has years of experience working with service management across all business units. Here are a few of the experts supporting our service management clients:


Ian Cooperman
Director of Service Management



Team Lead



Team Lead



Team Lead


Jayme Vasquez

Team Lead



Team Lead



Technical Practice Owner



Technical Practice Owner

Clients who trust us



JSM Resources

Jira Service Management: A Modern ITSM Solution for an Evolving IT Landscape


Our free whitepaper explores how digital transformation is changing the role of ITSM in supporting business, and creating a demand for more modern ITSM technology and infrastructure. We cover how Atlassian has brought Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie together to create Jira Service Management, a single tool with new features and functionality, to better support ITSM, incident management, and change management.


Ready to Elevate Your ITSM Experience?

Connect with our team to explore how Isos Technology and Jira Service Management can supercharge your organization's technology investment. To contact a member of the team, use the navigation below.

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