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About Isos

Who we are, where we came from, and what makes us tick.
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Our Story


The origins of Isos Technology


Thad West (CEO), Sonny Coccera (CIO), and Joel Brinkman (former Managing Director) all used to work together for a Phoenix-based IBM Business Partner – Unity Software Systems. All three were consultants who specialized in writing custom software for enterprise customers.

In early 2005, the trio left Unity to form their own consulting company – Isos – helping large companies create custom software solutions. But this new consultancy needed software tools to get off the ground. So, in what would prove to be a pivotal purchasing decision, they ended up buying Jira and Confluence.

In 2006, they convinced Danny Riley (VP of Business Development) to join the team and launch a full-scale business development effort for the organization. This was a crucial turning point and, within the next year, the management team had secured several strategic partnerships and new clients. By 2007, business was booming and Rodney West joined the Isos train to round out the ownership group.

The Atlassian turn


Since the company’s inception, Isos has always used Atlassian tools. By 2008, the in-house technical teams were such big supporters that we decided to expand our service offering to include Atlassian Services. In 2014, with years of Atlassian problem solving under our collective belt, Isos earned Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status.

Since 2016, Atlassian has been the sole focus of our company. Offering services like implementations, migrations, training, license management, and managed services, we have established ourselves as a major player in the Atlassian ecosystem of partners, trainers, users, and enthusiasts. This was proven to the world when we were recognized as the global leader in the following categories:


Atlassian Partner of the Year:

ITSM Services


Atlassian Partner of the Year:

ITSM Services


Atlassian Partner of the Year:

ITSM Services


Atlassian Partner of the Year:



Atlassian Partner of the Year:

Jira Service Desk


Who We Are Today


On December 5th, 2022, CEO Thad West made the announcement that Isos would be joining the portfolio of The Acacia Group, a specialist investor in digital transformation businesses. You can read the press release here.

This is a new and exciting chapter in the Isos Technology story. We are joining forces with the dedicated Atlassian team at MajorKey Technologies, another Acacia portfolio company and a successful Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in their own right. The complementary skill sets that Isos and MajorKey bring to the table will create an even more impactful experience for our customers, who are—and always have been—our number one priority. Together, we’re in a much stronger position to deliver the untapped potential of the Atlassian tools to a new generation of customers and build deeper, more capable relationships with current customers to drive more value from their Atlassian investment. 

We are unbelievably excited for what the future holds for Isos Technology.


Where we are today


Isos' headquarters are still in Tempe, AZ, but we now have employees in offices all across the United States: in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Tampa, to name a few. We also have an international presence, with an office in Cebu City, in the Philippines, serving our global clients.

While the company has grown exponentially over the years, we’ve kept the same casual, flexible, and collaborative company culture championed by the co-founders in Isos’ early days.


How we do things


Isos has tackled some of the toughest problems companies face across ITSM, scaled agile, DevOps, migrations, and integrations. In every new challenge, we don’t just solve for the business, we solve for the people: employees, customers, and users. This means getting to know every organization in-depth to engineer a custom solution that yields lasting results and uses the Atlassian tools in the best possible way. 

We achieve this with our proven process:





  • Discovery process
  • Fast track consulting
  • Assessment & diagnosis



  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Scaled agile
  • ITSM & ESM
  • Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • App selection & Integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • License procurement



  • Governance, risk management, compliance
  • Data privacy and security
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Process improvement and upgrades
  • Training



  • Managed services
  • Application administration
  • License management
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Strategic partnership and growth
  • Health check
  • Training

The Isos Promise


Trust is an essential part of everything we do. Our clients need to trust in our ability

to navigate unfamiliar territory; to be honest when things go off course;

to advise the best course of action even if it isn’t the easiest.


With this in mind, we promise to always:

the o

Bring you people who know exactly what they’re doing

Our people are Atlassian specialists who understand business processes and arrive ready to do the job.

Make sure you know exactly where the project stands

Our SOWs and work plans are the most detailed in the industry, informing every progress report. This means you’ll always know exactly where the project stands.

Be totally honest and adapt as your needs change

We know that it’s better to raise issues and challenges early and clearly. And if needs change, we communicate, adapt, and move forward.

Be reachable when you need us

There is no hierarchy or red tape at Isos. Everybody is dedicated to your success and is available to support you. Even our most senior people are a phone call away. 

To stay with you for the long haul

We value relationships and work for your success, not just for project completion. We strive to learn your business so we can bring new ideas to meet your future goals.

Our Core Values


Our values are the cornerstone of the culture at Isos, guiding our work, our goals, and our engagements with others. They ensure we don’t lose sight of what’s important.

give and gain

Give & Gain

Collaboration is our secret weapon. We‘re selfless, compassionate, and respectful as we work together to achieve shared success.

aim high, think big

Aim High, Think Big

We’re ambitious, set high targets, and embrace a spirit of self-motivation and growth. We strive to be our best in everything we do, to the benefit of Isos, our peers, our clients, and ourselves.

keep it real

Keep it Real

We’re honest, straightforward, and respectful in every interaction, no matter with whom we’re engaging. We set and communicate realistic expectations for our clients, our company, and ourselves.

own it, no excuses

Own it, No Excuses

We’re responsible and accountable for our commitments and consistently see them through to the end. Our actions are thoughtful, deliberate, and contribute to the success of Isos and our clients.

migration process

Bias for Action

We want to be continually moving forward in everything we do. We rely on our deep industry experience, training and pragmatic approach to make decisions and take action that keep us moving forward.

Our Leadership


thad west

Thad West



Sonny Coccera



Alex Bingham


danny riley

Danny Riley

Senior VP of Sales
& Business Development

kelly kline

Kelly Kline

VP of Finance

beth west

Beth West

VP of Marketing


Megan Hoelle

VP of Special Initiatives


Justin Leader

VP of Product


Becky Montgomery

VP of PeopleOps

sean parchman

Sean Parchmann

Director of Professional Services


Tracy Walton

Director of Agile Services

Jay Louvis

Jay Louvis

Director of Managed Services

Andrew Yarrow

Andrew Yarrow

Director of Engineering


Lia Wood

Director of Customer Success


Andrew Baumann

Director of Strategic Accounts
and Pre-Sales


Sandip Patel

Director of Channel Sales


Erin Philips

Director of Product Marketing


Brian Papalia

Director of Business Development


Michael Muela

Director of Demand Generation

Michael March

Michael March

Head of Innovation

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