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Interested in moving to Atlassian Cloud, but don’t know where to start?

Migrations to Atlassian Cloud can be challenging and time-consuming. Isos can help you evaluate whether your organization is ready for a move to the cloud.
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Growing pains?

Outdated technology with on-premises tools can undermine a business’s ability to grow and scale effectively.

Are teams siloed?

When different teams and departments are using their own tools and saving data locally, collaboration suffers. 

Concerned about data security?

When data is stored on-premises, it can be difficult to recover and restore data if local machines are damaged or compromised.

Adapting to a remote workforce?

As remote or hybrid work becomes the norm, companies need cloud-based tools that accommodate a dispersed workforce, without sacrificing productivity or security.

Make sense of the cloud for your business

Isos Technology can help your team prepare for and migrate to Atlassian Cloud. Once you’re up and running in your new cloud environment, we’ll partner with you to ensure that you get the most from your cloud investment for the long haul.

Build scalable processes

Quickly and easily scale your cloud tools according to the size of your business, so you can avoid wasteful expenditure or missed potential.

Keep your data secure

Atlassian is leading the way in cloud security practices, so your data will be secure, recoverable, and fully encrypted at all times.

Benefit from cloud expertise

You can always lean on the Isos team to offer guidance, support, and expertise around all things related to cloud strategy and Atlassian Cloud.

Support remote teams

Attract and retain top talent with robust cloud tools that can be accessed securely from anywhere.

Our Solutions

We have a range of solutions that can help your business plan and execute a successful cloud strategy.

Atlassian Managed Services

Customized solutions to support your Atlassian tools and instances, and meet the resource and expertise needs of your organization.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Services

Transfer your data successfully and securely to, from, or between Atlassian Cloud tools or other cloud providers, with the least amount of hassle and risk.

License Management

We’ll take care of license procurement, renewals, and upgrades for Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools, so you can just focus on using them.

What our customers say


“Isos is a one-stop-shop for us. They’re helping us maximize our Atlassian investment across the organization so we can improve efficiency and scalability like never before.”

Ken H.
CIO, Able Engineering

“Isos helped ASU fill a critical resource need to support our entire Jira environment. They quickly analyzed our environment and began confidently handling day-to-day Jira admin with little to no impact to our projects. Thank you, Isos!”

Rob Y.
Director, University Technology Office, Arizona State University

"Some of the best technical people I’ve come across in my career."

Kevin S.
Head of Information Technology, Worldwide Social Video Service Provider

"The Atlassian tools work incredibly well in our complex creative and production environment. With Jira, we have detailed insight into the status of every project and what everyone is working on. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but it also helps prevent errors."

-Vice President, Brand Identity and Systems, CBS

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Let’s chat about Atlassian

We'd love to discuss how Isos Technology can help you plan and execute a successful cloud strategy. To contact a member of the team, use the navigation below. 

(855) 924-4767