“Using Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Liferay Development” is the first blog in a series that researches the usability of STS in the Liferay Development process. One might ask: Why not to use the Liferay Development Studio? For one thing, I dislike Ant. All my recent projects have used Maven. There is not a good […]

There seems to be a lot of yammering these days about asynchronous servlet processing. I won’t go into the details of what it is here as there are many great write-ups on the Intertubes. While reading about asynchronous servlet processing, I found myself desperate to find an excuse to jam it into an existing project […]

The larger the enterprise, the more technology and systems exist. They all grew from well-meaning development teams aggressively trying to solve business problems, generally the reason we IT groups exist. The problem is that over time there can be a fragmentation of technology resulting in several issues: A larger footprint in an expensive data center […]

Liferay as a product and platform is very customizable.  One particular area of customization is media icons–icons that are displayed in search results for documents and media of various sorts, such as items linked to pages, etc.  By default there is a specific configuration of icons and supported media types.  These can be overridden and […]

In a portal developer’s perfect world, or any web developer’s for that matter, a browser wouldn’t have a back button.  But we know this is not the world we live in and, in fact, users LOVE their back button.  Fortunately for portal developers, we don’t have to fundamentally change the way our applications work.  Our […]

With Apple’s introduction of Retina Displays (for the purpose of having enough of a concentration of pixels where, typically, no one can see pixilation occurring), more companies have been creating displays with significantly more than 72ppi. Because of this, websites that have graphics built at the standard 72ppi are beginning to look rather off. The […]

There are two tools in my daily development effort that I can’t imagine doing without, Spring for Java development and Jira Agile for Agile project management. Yes, you can do Java development without the Spring framework, but the thought gives me the shakes. I used to feel this way about straight Jira, but as I […]

Much of our work at Isos is consulting. We’re a group of contract hit men. We come in, solve problems, and move on to the next kill. Consequently, we often have several things going on at once, and being able to switch between projects, ideas, experimentation, emergency bug fixes or simply managing multiple unfinished tasks […]

“Logo Barf” is an unsung industry term that, I believe, originated in Apple quite a while back. It’s a seemingly small, subjective issue, but I feel that it’s often not accounted for at all. It pertains to anywhere someone displays a group of third-party logos, such as partners, clients or supporters. It’s definitely good to […]

I was tasked recently with helping find a way to guarantee the users of a web application could be forced to reload static JavaScript files deployed with the application. While there are many well-understood methods for dealing with this common problem, I decided I wanted to reinvent the wheel so I might have another topic […]