Isos Technology along with Atlassian and many other fortune 500 companies have taken the 1% pledge to make a difference in the world. Our employees are engaged with different organizations across the United States like Warfighter Made, Co+Hoots Foundation and Honor Flight Foundation.

Recently Isos Technology joined with ten other companies including State Farm and the City of Phoenix to host a speed mock interview workshop for Arizona State University student veterans. The goal was to have students test out their interview skills and gain insight into the interview process. The room was set up with multiple interview areas consisting of a table and chairs for interviewers and interviewees. The veterans rotated from one table to another, cycling through different professionals, questions and interview styles. The interviewees were able to test their pitch, receive feedback and make connections as they engaged in speed mock interviews with employers from different industries.

Having access to this kind of real-world immediate feedback and tuning is invaluable when searching for a new job. Isos looks forward to assisting veterans with their transition and further collaborations with Arizona State University.