We recently moved offices. Having been in our previous office for approximately 6 years, and the only one I had the opportunity to work in, it was really a great space. Being a tech company, it had the cool tech vibe, with video games, flat screen TVs and couches that you could relax on and work at the same time. It was like no place I had ever worked before.

But after 6 years, it started to lose the functionality we needed as a growing company. We were employing more and more people, and when our out-of-state employees come to town a couple of times per year, we just didn’t have the room to be productive.

You are probably already jumping ahead to the photos, you just cant help it!! I know, I know!!!

I can tell you about all of the amazing new features of our new office, but I’m pretty sure the pictures tell a much better story.


Welcome to Isos!

Our entrance opens right up into our open concept and amazing kitchen area. It includes a cafe style bar with stools for meetings and meals! Snacks and drinks are always available and restocked frequently!

This amazing mural was created by our own Tad Fox. It encapsulates our mission of “Build Something Remarkable”.

The wrap-around mural in our pool table area, allowing down time from the stresses of staring at a monitor all day.

A work in progress, but will be a very functional space that can work as a table in the round for meetings, or separated for training sessions.

One of our offices for individual work needs when working in the “pit” is too distracting.

The pit where most of our staff have spaces that they claim for their own. All of the desks are electric and raise so you can stand and work!

Individual break out rooms for small working groups, or conference calls that need some privacy.

All of the individual offices for the CEO, COO, Sales Dept, Marketing, and Finance. All have great windows and the light is amazing!

Oh wait… you dont have a secret room!!! We do!!! It’s a small cozy room with flocked red wallpaper and soft brown leather chairs.  It is beautifully decorated in a retro 1950’s theme and has an entirely different vibe than the rest of the space. It has a bookshelf door that, when closed, actually hides the room. It will be a great space for a small office meeting, or work space to have a more closed off feel from the rest of the office.

We have the building management showing off our space almost every day to potential new tenants of the building, and I see the reactions when they get the tour. Their faces are priceless when they see the secret room. Overall they are blown away by the entire space.

Not only was the design of the office on point, but the smaller details for all of our comfort was not missed.

So yes, my office is awesome!!!