In early April of this year, my fearless leader Danny Riley and I traveled to Austin, Texas to participate in Atlassian’s Expert meeting. This was a chance for us to rub elbows with our fellow experts, meet some Atlassian folks, check out their new digs (holy view!), and enjoy some delicious Mexican grub! Naturally, there was some “homework” to be completed before our arrival. We were to create a baseball style card with information about our company, expertise, and a chance to show our creative genius on the fly. Immediately, Isos got to work; and what we delivered, was nothing short of legendary.

Our Atlassian tech lead Mike March is quite the gentleman. Not only is he incredibly well versed in all things Atlassian, he is original, hilarious, and very proudly marches (pun intended), to the beat of his own drum. And as a fun little nugget of information for you all, he also has an impressive career as a calendar model! His face is the moneymaker, is infamous around our office for posing as famous characters throughout history and fiction. It was this knowledge that set off the light bulb to our homework assignment. And the Isos Technology baseball card was born.


This was by far the biggest hit at the event.  And also made Isos quite proud.

Around this time last year, some of our Isos peeps took the annual Atlassian Road Trip at this definition, and set out in a Suburban to Austin, kegs in hand, attend the office Launch Party. Over the course of the next year, the building Atlassian Austin would call home would be built into an industrial looking oasis. Complete with a stocked, state of the art kitchen, catered food daily, actual HipChat rooms, and a 17th floor view which is bar none.


This trip wasn’t all about the new digs and killer landscapes, it was time to meet some of the folks who help make up our Atlassian team behind the scenes, and pass out our killer baseball cards!


You always hear voices on the other end of the phone line, or see names pop up in your email during your work day. In our rapidly growing technology world, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your “to do list” and forget the people on the other end of that technology do have a face, a personality, a story. Kudos to Atlassian for allowing us the chance to hear those stories, associate those faces with the name in the email address, and hear the laughter of those members who make up the Atlassian team. We definitely look forward to the growing relationship with all those faces and names.

After the meet and greet, and some excellent white board sessions with the other experts, it was time to enjoy some delicious Texas Mexican food! Maria’s TacoXpress is home of the Hippie Church and Drag Queen Bingo. It’s been on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”. We did miss out on the Drag Queen Bingo, but the food was out of this world! I plan to visit Austin as much as possible in the hear future, and make Maria’s TacoXpress my new favorite stop!