Most of us struggle with time in one way or other. Some of us never seem to have time available, while others may have time available to them… but no plans on how to take advantage of it. There is no shortage of advice to be had on the topics of time management and personal […]

Visibility of all issues within a Jira project can be limited to specific users and groups by assigning them to Project Roles and granting the Browse Projects permission to those roles. In order to restrict the visibility of specific issues within a project, the project must use an Issue Security Scheme. These schemes consist of […]

Spring cleaning is all about “out with the old, in with the new”. Hopefully your Jira Administrators are taking a look at your Jira instance and evaluating custom fields, workflows and schemes, both those in use and those not in use. We typically recommend larger enterprises try to reuse custom fields as much as possible. […]

How you treat others reflects on how they treat you. A company supports the team by providing the basic necessities and encouraging morale. What I like most about working for Isos Technology is working as a team. Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life at work?  That’s roughly 13 years of your life […]

Jira Service Desk allows for service desk agents to transition issues and manipulate whether the customer can view the status on issues. One missing piece agents face is the ability to provide the customer with feedback via comments without transitioning the issue to “Waiting for Customer.” Natively, when agents comment on a ticket, the “Transition […]

With Jira there are tons of ways to extract reporting data you need. From the project reports, to the built in dashboard functionality and all the way to addons like EasyBI, there are many paths to getting metrics you need for your and your team. However, there’s always room for more ways to skin that […]

Welcome back to my series on Conscious Leadership! In this series, I’m going to summarize some key principles from a book I read earlier this year: The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp. With this series, I hope to shed some light on the fast moving trend that is Conscious […]

As many of you know by now, the power that Apps bring to us who are always looking to automate and make better use of Jira is, well, powerful! In this blog I’d like to show you some really cool ways you can do auto-assigning of Jira issues using the Automation for Jira App. I […]

I am going to be straight with you, I am old-school. I’m not into the latest and greatest that comes out of the world of technology. For example, I barely know what AirPods are. It’s a safe bet that I won’t be purchasing any. My ears are still tethered to my laptop and I am […]

If you follow Atlassian you probably know about their big annual conference event, Summit. But you may not have heard about the the Team Tour. The Team Tour is a series of events around the world focused on the future of IT and how it helps teams innovate, transform and improve efficiency. This year’s stops on […]