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Atlassian Tooling and Configuration Best Practices

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As a trusted Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, our goal is to help organizations unlock the full potential of their Atlassian tools. We specialize in technology and business best practices that can optimize workflows in Jira, streamline content management in Confluence, and enhance service management processes in JSM. Our proven strategies can help you analyze, organize, clean up, and enforce governance for your Atlassian tools to increase collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Best practices for governing your Atlassian tools


Adopting best practices for governing your Atlassian tools is critical for ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance. Following best practices ensures consistent usage, reduces risks, and increases productivity.

Establishing governance frameworks

  • Clear guidelines: Define comprehensive guidelines and policies for your organization’s Atlassian tool usage, including areas such as project management, issue tracking, and collaboration.

  • Governance board: Form a dedicated governance board or community of practice comprising representatives from different teams to oversee tool usage, standardization efforts, and decision-making processes.

  • User roles and permissions: Define distinct user roles and permissions within your Atlassian instance to ensure appropriate access levels and maintain data security.

Balancing structure and flexibility

  • Flexibility for teams: Provide teams with the flexibility to customize their workflows and configurations to suit their specific requirements while ensuring alignment with organizational standards.

  • Administrative controls: Limit administrator access to essential roles to prevent unauthorized changes and maintain system integrity.

  • Regular review: Conduct periodic reviews of governance policies and configurations to adapt to evolving organizational needs and industry best practices.

Benefits and outcomes of strong governance for your Atlassian tools

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Increased Efficiency

Clear governance guidelines and streamlined processes result in faster decision-making, reduced bottlenecks, and improved overall efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved alignment and flexibility foster cross-team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, driving better outcomes for your organization.

 Risk Mitigation

Defined user roles, permissions, and administrative controls mitigate security risks, ensure data integrity, and minimize unauthorized access.

Best practices for cleaning up your Atlassian environment


It's crucial to follow best practices for cleaning up your Atlassian environment to maintain optimal tool performance and reduce security risks. Following these practices keeps your Atlassian environment running smoothly, delivering maximum value to your organization.

User and user group cleanup

  • Inactive user management: Identify and deactivate inactive user accounts to free up licenses and enhance security measures within your Atlassian instance.

  • User group consolidation: Evaluate and consolidate user groups where possible to streamline access management and simplify permission schemes.

Project and issue management

  • Obsolete project deletion: Identify and archive or delete obsolete projects and issues to declutter your Atlassian instance and improve system performance.

  • Workflow standardization: Standardize workflows across teams and departments to minimize redundancy and ensure consistency in project management practices.

Custom field management

  • Unused field removal: Analyze and remove unused or duplicate custom fields to optimize system performance and streamline data management processes.

  • Configuration review: Review field configurations and contexts to ensure efficient data capture and indexing while avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Benefits and outcomes of a clean Atlassian environment

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Improved Performance

Cleanup activities such as user management and obsolete project deletion result in improved system performance, faster response times, and enhanced user satisfaction.

Streamlined Processes

Standardized workflows and custom field management simplify processes, reduce errors, and improve data accuracy, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

 Optimized Resource Allocation

 Efficient resource management and configuration review reduce unnecessary overhead, optimize system resources, and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

Best practices for maintaining a clean Atlassian environment


Maintaining a clean Atlassian environment is important for optimal tool performance, security, and collaboration. It ensures your data and workflows are up-to-date and relevant to your organization's goals.

Create a maintenance plan of action

  • Metric definitions: Establish key performance metrics and indicators to track the health and efficiency of your Atlassian environment, such as project activity, system response times, and user satisfaction levels.

  • Scheduled cleanup: Implement a regular schedule for system maintenance and cleanup activities, allocating dedicated resources and time to address identified issues and optimize and improve system performance.

Train and empower users

  • Training programs: Develop and deliver comprehensive training programs for users at all levels to promote best practices in Atlassian tool usage, configuration, and maintenance.

  • Encourage feedback: Encourage user feedback and engagement through surveys, forums, and direct communication channels to continuously improve tool usage and address user concerns.

Engage experts

  • Support from Isos Technology: Partner with Isos Technology for expert guidance and support in optimizing your Atlassian environment.

  • Customized solutions: Benefit from Isos Technology's extensive experience and expertise in developing customized solutions tailored to your organization's unique requirements and goals. 

Benefits and outcomes of maintaining a clean Atlassian environment

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 Optimized Tool Usage

Effective maintenance plans and user training programs lead to optimized tool usage, increased user satisfaction, and improved overall productivity.

Continuous Improvement

Engaging experts and soliciting user feedback drives continuous innovation and adaptation to business needs, giving you a competitive advantage.

 Maximize ROI

Tailored solutions and efficient resource allocation maximize ROI, minimize costs, and ensure long-term success and organizational growth.

How Isos Technology can help

Isos Technology is dedicated to helping organizations maximize the value of their Atlassian investment through expert guidance, innovative solutions, and unparalleled support. Here's how we can assist you:

  • Strategic consulting: Leverage our team's deep expertise and industry knowledge to develop customized strategies for governing, cleaning up, and optimizing your Atlassian instance. 

  • Implementation services: Partner with us for seamless implementation or re-implementation and configuration of your Atlassian tools to meet your organization's business needs and goals.

  • Training and support: Access comprehensive training programs and ongoing support services to empower your users and administrators with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed with Atlassian tools.

  • Continuous optimization: Benefit from our proactive approach to continuous optimization, including regular health checks, performance tuning, and strategic planning to ensure your Atlassian instance remains efficient, secure, and aligned with your business goals.

Benefits and outcomes of partnering with Isos Technology

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 Expert Guidance

Our customized solutions using tooling and configuration best practices result in improved efficiency and reduced costs for your organization.

Seamless Implementation

Expert implementation of your Atlassian tools to meet unique business needs leads to improved efficiency, reduced errors, and cost savings.

 Ongoing Support

Comprehensive training and ongoing support services empower teams with the knowledge and skills required to succeed with Atlassian tools.

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— Robert Palmieri, DevOps Engineer, American Integrity Insurance

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