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    Course Description

    The Atlassian toolset has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Companies across the globe are implementing these tools to increase collaboration, visibility, and structure in the workplace. However, these same companies oftentimes don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to train their employees. As a result, DIY training becomes the norm, which leads to broken processes, inconsistent adoption of tools, and decreased ROI on your Atlassian investment.

    Jira adoption frequently produces large amounts of work items (called issues) that are updated frequently. As adoption continues to grow, organizations quickly identify that improving Jira search skills is a wise investment that helps all Jira users.

    In this class Jira users will learn how Jira’s search capabilities work and when to use them. Students that take this course will learn how to quickly find specific issues in Jira and how more complex search configurations (or Jira Query Language filters) are used to provide real time collections of issues used by analysts and team leaders. 

    Jira Query Language is easy to learn and is leveraged throughout Jira especially in:

    • Jira Dashboards
    • Jira Project Reports
    • Jira Software boards (and board reports)
    • Jira Service Desk queues
    • Jira Service Desk SLA (and SLO) configurations

    Many third party Jira apps in the Atlassian Marketplace utilize Jira Search as well.

    We know you don’t want to sit on Zoom all day, so our live, four-hour training session can be taken all at once, or divided into two 2-hour sessions.

    What You’ll Learn

    After attending this course, you will be able to:

    • Identify the three search ways to search for issues in Jira - Quick Search, Basic Search and Advanced Search (JQL)
    • Use the three ways to search to find issues in Jira efficiently
    • Save and Share searches (as filters) so they can be leveraged in other areas
    • Effectively use Filters and JQL in other parts of Jira applications (Jira Software Boards, Jira Dashboard Gadgets, Jira Service Desk Queues, Confluence Integrations)

    Who Should Attend

    Any Jira user, especially:

    • New users
    • Experienced Jira users that want to improve their ability to analyze and report on work being tracked in Jira
    • Team leaders and “power users” that want to start using Jira search effectively as quickly as possible.

    What’s Included

    • One (1) four-hour live, virtual training course, or two (2) two-hour courses
    • 5 attendees minimum, 10 attendees maximum
    • Training materials and class recording are yours to keep after completion of this course


    Students should already know how to do the following:

    • Login to Jira
    • Navigate to Projects within Jira
    • Create, edit and transition Issues
    • Optional: Use Jira Software Boards and Create Dashboards

    $2,500 per team

    5 to 10 people

    (Special introductory price of $1,800 if you sign up before November 30th!)

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