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An Atlassian Enterprise Rollout Can Transform
Your Environment from Mediocre to Magical

It’s a fact…projects across the enterprise work better with a fully-integrated Atlassian environment. But many companies struggle to get maximum benefit and ROI from the Atlassian toolset. Technical teams need to be able to effectively address the requirements of business teams and executive leadership efficiently and expediently. However, achieving this level of well-oiled machinery isn’t always easy.

Isos Technology is the team you need to step in and conduct an enterprise rollout for your organization.

Some Indicators That Your Atlassian
Initiatives Might Be Headed Off Course…

  • Every project (development or otherwise) that uses Atlassian tools uses them very differently; no standards are in place between departments or across the company
  • Users regularly make configuration or other tool changes and are completely unaware that those changes have negatively impacted other projects in the shared environment
  • Months or years of tool configurations have left the organization without a predictable, safe environment to fully vet changes that could resolve larger problems
  • Atlassian tool investments were made but teams have limited understanding of how to leverage advanced features to realize maximum benefits and outcomes
  • Atlassian tool usage is still running in silos between teams and/or departments with no clear ‘bigger picture’ across projects, workflows or integrations

The Three Phases of Our Enterprise Rollout

Phase 1:
Goal Identification and Agile Transformation

  • Identify assumptions, goals and constraints
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Create backlog of implementation stories and tasks
  • Governance team formation
  • Set up Atlassian environment

Phase 2:

  • Set up typical use cases and reusable templates for Jira and Confluence
  • Establish configuration and permissions for Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management, and Jira Align
  • Introduce best practices for Atlassian products
  • Stakeholder review of status reports and completed iteration tasks

Phase 3:
Delivery and Handoff

  • Atlassian Authorized Training, custom coaching and documentation
  • Solution deployment
    • Ongoing support of enterprise adoption and issue resolution

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Enterprise Rollout

Jacki M.

We teamed up with Isos Technology to launch a major Atlassian initiative because they were able to quickly and easily identify our needs and goals. This was after meeting with six different companies, none of whom even came close to understanding the complexity of our project. Our partnership with Isos Technology was worth every penny.

Jacki M.
Program Director, Major Medical University

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