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    Operate at Maximum Efficiency
    with Atlassian Training

    The Isos team helped Atlassian develop the certification criteria for the entire Atlassian stack, so who better to train you? Our training plans are designed to maximize your investment in Atlassian Tools. We show you how the tools are designed to work, and how to customize them to your organization’s specific needs so you can the get maximum benefit from this productivity-enhancing Agile toolset.


    We Design an Atlassian Training Plan That Fits Your Needs

    We learned how to configure and customize Atlassian tools by using them to run our business. Isos Technology’s Atlassian Training Program is designed to fit your specific workflows and to ensure that we train the right people in your teams with the right skills right away.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to create a customized curriculum to fit your needs!

    Atlassian University Training

    Our trainers determine knowledge gaps by watching your team use Atlassian tools. In order to design a training program that fits your needs, we will evaluate how you are using the tools. Many of our customers ask for training on specific features before they’ve learned about other features, so we’ll review Atlassian tool usage with your teams prior to making training recommendations.

    After we understand knowledge and skills gaps, we’ll get to work on designing a comprehensive training program, composed of one or more of the following:

    • Atlassian Training Program Curriculum
    • Custom Class Training
    • One-on-One Training

    How Are These Courses Delivered?

    Atlassian Training Program Classes

    Atlassian University courses are lab-based curricula that use a combination of course material and lab environments to provide students direct experience working through example scenarios.

    Atlassian offers training classes through Atlassian University, a comprehensive educational resource that help teams gain expertise in their products. As an Authorized Training Partner, Isos is more than qualified to deliver these courses to you!

    Browse the Atlassian University Training Catalog

    Custom Class Training

    If you’re looking for training on a specific topic, but can’t find it in the Atlassian University training catalog, fear not…Isos Technology will create a custom training program specifically designed for your team! This program will address how your team’s Atlassian environment, workflows, and requirements are configured.

    Because the personalized training we develop for you addresses your unique organizational objectives, you will have access to it long after our engagement is completed. It will be information that your team can use for years to come.

    One-on-One and Small Group Training

    For more advanced students, we offer one-on-one training in which we show our students how to configure and use specific Jira features in their own tools while they are doing the configurations.


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