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Atlassian Tools training created and delivered by experienced practitioners.


Jira Basics for Administrators

This two-hour class is designed to help you ramp up team members who are new to Jira administration, especially individuals who are learning Jira Administration while doing it. We’ve distilled down the key topics to get you oriented so you can effectively administer Jira project configurations for all your teams.

Jira Basics for Users

We help organizations train Jira users at all levels of experience. This two-hour class is designed to help ramp up individuals who are new to Jira. We’ve distilled down the key topics to get you oriented, so team members can start using Jira to organize work, collaborate, and track work to completion.

Become a Jira Search Power User

Proficiency in Jira search will enable anyone who uses Jira to improve visibility and productivity for their teams. This four-hour class ensures all your team members can spend more time innovating and solving customer problems, and less time looking for Jira issues. In this class, we will discuss the various ways to search for issues in Jira including Jira - Quick Search, Basic Search, and Advanced Search (JQL), as well as saving and sharing searches, and effectively using filters and JQL in other parts of Jira applications. 

ITSM Meets Agile: Using Jira Service Management & Jira Software Together

Jira Service Management provides a powerful SLA-driven way of organizing, collaborating on, and tracking completion of customer support requests. Many times, those support requests result in new work for teams working on projects. In this four-hour class, we use the very popular, best practice-based Jira Project configurations for IT Support (ITSM) and Scrum (Agile) Project configurations as examples of how teams can work together to deliver support in a quick and efficient way.

Confluence for Teams

This three-hour course is perfect for teams who are new to Confluence and need to learn how to effectively use Atlassian’s powerful collaboration tool. In this class, you will learn how your team can best take advantage of Confluence to share knowledge, stay organized, and track work to completion.

Atlassian University Training Program

Atlassian offers their own take on training, through Atlassian University. Atlassian University provides curricula that relies on a combination of course material and lab environments to provide students with direct experience working through example scenarios. As an Authorized Atlassian Training Partner, Isos is more than qualified to deliver these courses to you!

Why Isos Technology is Your #1 Resource for Atlassian Training

  • Isos Technology has more than 15 years of experience working with Atlassian tools, providing both public- and private-sector organizations with professional services such as Atlassian implementations and migrations in the field.
  • We are an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner and an Atlassian Authorized Training Partner.
  • We offer a variety of formats, including our own customized courses and Atlassian University courses.
  • Isos Technology was named Atlassian Partner of the Year: Enterprise in 2019 and Atlassian Partner of the Year: Jira Service Desk in 2017.
  • We are a member of Atlassian’s certification exam writing team.

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