As businesses continue recovering from a tough economy, competition for skilled IT talent is on the rise. Not only can it be challenging to find candidates with unique, hard-to-find technical expertise, it’s often even more challenging to find candidates that fit into your organization’s unique culture.

The technology boom of the last decade spawned an equally big boom in IT recruiters. Unfortunately, many are lacking both depth of process and knowledge about more complex skill sets and IT processes. They also typically pay little to no attention to the personality and cultural fit of one candidate over another—in short: it’s a volume game, not a quality game.

Solving the Toughest Recruiting Challenges

Isos takes an entirely different approach to recruiting: we focus on quality and cultural fit above resume volume and keywords. Our proprietary assessment process helps screen candidates early on across a range of skills and behaviors.

And because our team has lived on the client side of the equation, we understand the world in which the candidates will live better than anyone.

Benefits of Partnering with Isos for IT Recruiting:

  • Dramatically improve the quality of incoming candidates
  • Get only technically pre-screened candidates to save time and speed the process
  • Improve the skills match for tough-to-find positions
  • Easily support resourcing bursts and necessary declines in staffing
  • Leverage a blend of both temporary and full-time candidates
  • Reduce the number of recruiting firms you need to manage

The Isos Team recruits with precision. They understand technology and talk the language. We know their candidates will be real potential hires. There’s real value in that confidence.

– Ken Hughes, CTO, Able Engineering