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    Industry: Industry: Employee Recognition & Reward Solutions
    Solution: IT Services Management with Jira Service Desk
    Operations: 8,000+ customers, 150 countries
    Integrations: Confluence for support knowledge base

    The Challenge

    The Challenge

    O.C. Tanner takes the business of ‘keeping employees happy’ very seriously as they develop and deploy strategic employee recognition and reward solutions for more than 8,000 customers. Their SaaS-based suite of products are designed to help people accomplish and appreciate great work, so that happy employees can help create happy customers.

    Their mission includes keeping 1,500 employees happy by delivering a user-friendly experience with IT services. But the internal IT team was struggling with a home-grown IT service management (ITSM) application that created more headaches than it cured. The system was inflexible, over-complicated, and made it difficult for the company’s agents to efficiently serve internal customers with a poor agent and end-user experience.


    The Solution

    Isos Technology worked closely with O.C. Tanner to design and implement a custom Jira Service Desk (JSD) solution with the goal of improving their overall ITSM response times. Isos developed a detailed matrix to map out the company’s specific SLA requirements against two key criteria: impact to systems and urgency. The resulting matrix defined the following priority levels:


    The priority matrix helped define precisely how to customize the SLA terms and therefore, how to customize JSD to automate very granular issue tracking queues in order to isolate issues for the appropriate agents. This means the subjectivity of issue priority was removed completely, and JSD was configured to automate the process of applying the rules consistently to every triaged issue. Once ‘impact’ and ‘urgency’ rules are set, the issue priority can populate automatically and push the issue through the appropriate agent queue.

    Today, O.C. Tanner has a best-in-class, fully customized ITSM application with Jira Service Desk, built for their specific SLA terms and requirements for rules handling. The help desk team can quickly determine issue impact and urgency, identify the priority, and apply the rules consistently to every triaged issue. This means improved response times, an enhanced experience for agents and happy, well-served internal customers.


    The Results

    • Best-in-class ITSM leveraging a custom Jira Service Desk solution with a Confluence-driven knowledge base.
    • Automation of granular issue tracking queues to route issues to appropriate help desk agents to speed resolution time.
    • Automated rules application to ensure consistency for every triaged issue and expedite the most urgent issues.
    • Improved user experience for ITSM agents and internal employees.

    Solution Benefits

    User Friendly ITSM Application

    O.C. Tanner’s help desk team and end users now have a clean, user friendly interface that allows for fast and easy issue tracking from beginning to end. Defined workows and clear queues with consistent priority assignments help shepherd tickets to the proper agents, and more accurately identify high-impact issues.

    Faster Issue Resolution & Improved Service

    Now with clear workflows and a prioritization process, agents are able to reduce issue resolution time and consistently deliver on SLAs necessary to support more than 1,500 employees. Agents are able to uncover root causes and clear queues faster while minimizing issue impact to everyday operations.

    Reduced Administration Time & Cost

    With faster issue resolution times and improved adherence to SLAs, the company saves time and expense in running everyday operations. Employees, in turn, are able to better serve end customers and be more responsive to new business inquiries.

    Solution and Technology Detail

    • Custom Jira task types, fields and queues
    • Custom workflows based on actual business processes
    • Access to Confluence knowledge base
    • Enhanced email handling to automate the creation of Jira issues

    “Isos Technology was able to take the subjectiveness of priority out of our typical help desk issues. They helped us define specific requirements to determine impact and urgency for rules handling. As a result, they were able to automate our queues to determine priority, providing consistency for every triaged issue.”

    – Director of Service Delivery, O.C. Tanner

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