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    Industry:            Technology Services for the Department of Defense
    Solution              IT Services Management with Jira Service Management
    Operations        Commercial & Federal Clients, Founded in 1999
    Integrations      Atlassian Crowd Advanced Security

    The Challenge

    The Challenge

    Tasked with supporting help desk operations for a host of mission-critical military websites as well as IT support for the Department of Defense (DoD) internal resources, government contractor OMNITEC was struggling with a legacy IT Services Management (ITSM) system that was complex for agents to use and dificult to customize for the DoD’s unique SLA requirements. Enhancements to the legacy system posed a monumental challenge due to the client’s advanced security requirements. Moreover, the system was not efficient in managing the high volume of tickets across internal DoD employees, or in supporting more than 100,000 military website users day to day. Worse yet, the system was not integrated with OMNITEC’s other Atlassian tools. Such challenges created data silos and inefficiencies that impacted the contractor’s ability to deliver a great support experience to the DoD military and civilian employees, nor could it deliver a high-touch experience to end users. The company needed a new, enterprise-level ITSM solution fast, and without disrupting everyday support that was already underway.

    • Security requirements that were incompatible with the current system
    • Inefficient ticket management and website support
    • Lack of Atlassian tool integration
    • Siloed data that compromised delivering a top-notch support experience


    The Solution

    The Isos Technology team collaborated closely with OMNITEC and the DoD to define requirements and develop a detailed yet aggressive migration, customization and Jira Service Management implementation project plan. Using the Atlassian product suite and proprietary Isos Technology tools, Isos provided end-to-end implementation, customization, project management and migration support to ensure a smooth system transition with minimal disruption to everyday operations. The project was carefully managed to the stringent timeline and successfully met the go-live deadline. Isos also worked closely with OMNITEC to install, upgrade and reconfigure the DoD’s Atlassian Confluence and Jira environments to further improve system integration, performance and overall efficiency. Today, the system gives OMNITEC and the DoD an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for creating and tracking IT service requests, and for accurately tracking issues from ticket issuance to resolution. Now the system helps OMNITEC and the DoD:

    • Improve the help desk experience for the DoD through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
    • Simplify support through an automated queue prioritized by customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    • Optimize agent experience with specific filtering for agent queues.
    • Integrate seamlessly into the Confluence knowledge base to provide self-service for common and known issues.
    • Access progress and performance in real-time to gain instant visibility of help desk operations.


    The Results

    • Best-in-class ITSM leveraging a custom Jira Service Management solution with a Confluence-driven knowledge base.
    • Automation of granular issue tracking queues to route issues to appropriate help desk agents to speed resolution time.
    • Automated rules application to ensure consistency for every triaged issue and expedite the most urgent issues.
    • Improved user experience for ITSM agents and internal employees.

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    Solution Benefits

    Full Featured, User Friendly ITSM Application

    OMNITEC’s help desk team now has a user-friendly interface that allows for fast and easy issue tracking from beginning to end. Defined workflows and clear queues allow agents to review and resolve tickets quickly and meet the DoD’s SLAs. The result is a high-touch, high-value service experience for DoD employees, as well as more than 100,000 military personnel using the agency’s websites every day.

    Faster Issue Resolution & Improved Service

    Now help desk agents are able to reduce issue resolution time and consistently deliver on SLAs needed to effectively support internal IT requests as well as more than 10,000 website users. Agents are able to quickly uncover root causes to deliver a customer-focused experience on every issue resolution or request, every time.

    Reduced Administration Time & Cost

    With faster issue resolution times, improved service levels and adherence to SLAs, both OMNITEC and the DoD save time and related administrative costs in running everyday operations. Fewer tickets require support escalation, further reducing the time and expense of providing support to internal employees and website users.

    Solution and Technology Detail

    • IT Service Management (ITSM) using Jira Service Management
    • Atlassian Crowd
    • Isos Technology Click2CloneTM Migration Solution
    • Agent and End User Migration Support
    • Production Support, QA & Cutover
    • Isos Technology Premier Solution & Atlassian Consulting

    “Isos Technology migrated the DoD’s help desk to Jira Service Management on a very tight timeline and within their extremely stringent security requirements. Now OMNITEC and the DoD benefit from a help desk solution that lets the organization run more efficiently while delivering responsive, high-touch service for all end users.”

    – Director of IT Services, Government Contractor

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