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Are Your Tools Giving Each Other the Silent Treatment?

As your company expands, it’s inevitable that your teams are going to need to integrate the Atlassian tools with other business systems. These other systems might be incident management tools, CRMs, business intelligence applications, security tools, or internal proprietary systems.

Your tools don’t have to give each other the silent treatment. There is a way to integrate these necessary applications with your Atlassian environment. But how do you get them talking…fast? And how can you be sure that you will choose the best and most secure way to integrate multiple systems?

Silent Treatment

Isos Technology Will Seamlessly Integrate Your Atlassian Toolset with Other Business-Critical Applications

Isos Integrate

Isos is a trusted Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner. Our team of experts truly know the ins and outs of the Atlassian tools, based on years of experience with them. We use them daily at our company, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients adopt this feature-rich toolset, customized specifically for their organizations’ needs and requirements.

We will ensure that your tools communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. We’ll deliver a best-in-class integration solution for you that connects your Atlassian tools to legacy software, CRM’s, apps, security tools, and much, much more. This integration solution will not only maximize ROI, it will optimize company-wide processes and efficiency.

Selecting the Right Integration Approach is Not Always Straightforward and Easy

Isos helps our clients navigate the integration process, offering both our vast experience with Marketplace Apps and our expertise in developing custom integrations. We suggest one of two integration strategies:



There are several options in the Atlassian Marketplace for connectors that configure external systems into Atlassian tools. Isos can help you determine the best option for your team and assist you with the configuration process.

Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Isos has established relationships with many Atlassian Marketplace vendors. We have extensive experience with these vendors and their apps, and can provide dependable recommendations for extending the features and functionality of the Atlassian toolset.

Our Integration Methodology:

Initial discovery and discussion around required integrations.

Evaluation and vetting of available Marketplace Apps and connectors.

Consideration of any custom integration that might be required.

Training and knowledge transfer on Marketplace Apps and custom integrations.


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Your Tools Are Fully Integrated. Where Do You Go From Here?

We offer customized classroom courses on the Atlassian tools that show you proper usage and nuances, best practices, and strategies for success.

Your Atlassian journey doesn’t end once the tools are installed. We provide you with ongoing support and managed services to continue getting the most out of your Atlassian tools.

We provide our Clients with a personal licensing manager who takes on the efforts of licensing quotes, procurement, upgrades, renewals, co-terming, refunds, and much more.

Clients Who Trust Isos Technology

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