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    Industry: Video Game Development
    Solution: Consolidation of JIRA & Confluence Instances, Implementation of Atlassian Data Center Solutions
    Operations: 4,000 Employees, Millions of Customers Worldwide
    Integrations: Isos Technology Expert Atlassian Consulting, JIRA Data Center, Confluence Data Center, JIRA Service Desk

    The Challenge

    The Challenge

    A world-renowned video game developer has a reputation of pioneering new and revolutionary gaming technologies since its inception 25 years ago. This company has a reputation for quality behind its globally-recognized, award-winning video game brands. With more than 4,000 employees, the organization generates billions in annual revenue and is poised for continued growth in the gaming industry.

    This company has utilized Atlassian tools for some time, and after experiencing much success with these products over the years, they have been identified as business-critical. However, their continued expansion had caused growing pains; there were too many instances and minimal consistency across these instances. The company required more governance around Atlassian tools, a merging of JIRA and Confluence instances, and better metrics and reporting around usage and data points. Overall, tighter control was necessary for optimal performance and continued growth.


    The Solution

    When Isos Technology first met with the Information Technology team leaders at this company, they worked to identify a few key focus points. First and foremost, it was abundantly clear that their Atlassian tools needed to evolve from siloed, individual group instances to an enterprise model. Furthermore, streamlining information architecture, enhancing JIRA and Confluence usability and availability, and right-sizing the current server count were deemed necessary. Isos decided to implement Atlassian JIRA Software and Confluence Data Center solutions to improve governance and control, thereby enhancing company-wide collaboration, metrics and reporting.


    The Results

    • Improved information architecture, allowing for easier classification so content-producing groups can create information and then explicitly publish it to the correct groups.
    • Reduced Confluence instance counts, which reduces operational overhead and extraneous costs, all the while accommodating the Client’s need for information security and team flexibility.
    • Shared, auditable server management that centralizes, automates, tracks, and coordinates administration of the remaining Confluence instances and other Atlassian services.
    • Enhanced usability of Atlassian Tools for the end user, borne from a combination of best practices, training and usage of third party plugins and custom plugins.

    Solution Benefits

    Better Performance & Scalability

    Because Isos stepped in and helped the Client consolidate and provide consistency to their Atlassian instances, as well as streamline information architecture and manage their servers more efficiently, their IT department is now running at peak performance. In addition, scalability has improved drastically with higher availability of JIRA and Confluence.

    Increased Productivity

    The Client is now using their Atlassian product portfolio at its full capacity, thanks to the changes Isos recommended for their Atlassian product implementation. This has expanded productivity tenfold and has allowed the development team to better meet business objectives and deadlines.

    Reduced Administration and Cost

    IT administrators at the company are no longer feeling the pains of dealing with a multitude of Atlassian instances that were neither consistent nor controlled. Administrative management was growing unwieldy and costly in terms of time and efficiency. With Atlassian expertise from Isos and the fulfillment of performance and organizational objectives, the company now benefits from easier and more expedient governance of their Atlassian environment.

    Solution and Technology Detail

    • Atlassian JIRA Software Data Center
    • Atlassian JIRA Service Desk Data Center
    • Atlassian Confluence Data Center
    • A variety of third party plugins and custom plugins
    • Information re-architecture and group re-factoring
    • Custom Atlassian Training Curriculum
    • Enterprise product roadmap
    • Consolidation of Atlassian environments

    “It’s exciting to see that innovative development tools have such a tremendous impact on our ability to meet our growth goals. This project will allow our development team and our entire Atlassian user base to be more focused and efficient than ever as we prepare for continued success.”
    – Information Technology Manager

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