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Isos Technology brings thought leadership, innovative process, and scalable tools to your team.

Here is how we can unleash the power of Atlassian at your workplace.

We will review your current Atlassian environment, provide onsite coaching sessions and deliver a strategy report to help you solve your most complex Atlassian issues.

With the complex decisions that come when incorporating Atlassian tools into enterprise environment, we specialize in customizing deployment architectures and performing smooth enterprise rollouts.

Isos Technology helps ensure your Jira Service Management implementation fulfills your IT Service Management needs, keeping your customers informed and satisfied as their requests are completed.

Streamline your governance, optimize project tracking, and identify and address your toughest compliance challenges.

We offer customized classroom courses on the Atlassian tools that show you proper usage and nuances, best practices, and strategies for success.

Your Atlassian journey doesn’t end once the tools are installed. We provide you with ongoing support and managed services to continue getting the most out of your Atlassian tools.

We provide our Clients with a personal licensing manager who takes on the efforts of licensing quotes, procurement, upgrades, renewals, co-terming, refunds, and much more.

Whether you’re upgrading your Atlassian tools to newer versions or moving to a different Atlassian tier, we will guide you through your migration efforts.

You need to achieve coordination and visibility amongst your teams…fast. And you don’t want to abandon your Agile initiatives, but you need to find a quick fix for these roadblocks. Isos Technology is here to help.

If your company is considering a migration to Atlassian Cloud, Isos will assess your organization’s “Cloud readiness,” develop a migration roadmap and provide the necessary training needed for this transition.

We help you get the most out of using your Atlassian tools with your existing third party tools by providing custom integrations.


Isos Technology guides you through the intersections between the Atlassian tools and your DevOps lifecycle, helping you implement and streamline your DevOps efforts.

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We’ll Bring Our Specialized Process Formula to Your Workplace

Isos Technology’s process formula is a unique five-step system that ensures we meet your specific Atlassian needs and requirements.

knowledge gathering

Step 1

Pre-Sales Demo and Knowledge Gathering

At Isos, we believe the first step in any significant partnership is to sit down and really listen to your needs and expectations. We bring in our top-tier technical resources to ask key questions and address your requirements, hurdles, pain points, and goals. Once we gather this vital information, we can determine if we’re the right team to fulfill your specific requests. Isos will also provide extensive information on the Atlassian tools so that you can determine if they align with your objectives.

project discovery

Step 2

Upfront Project Discovery

Once we’ve determined that we’re the right fit for your company’s Atlassian requirements, our project delivery team rolls up their sleeves and works hand-in-hand with your technology team, as well as business stakeholders and leadership, to ensure the solution we develop meets and exceeds technical and business needs.


Step 3

Defined Project Iterations and Milestones

Once we have the go-ahead to proceed with our customized solution for your team, we’ll define and set up an ideal project schedule. We do this by dividing the project into attainable iterations in order to ensure an Agile delivery system. During this step, we’ll work through priorities and requests in a timely fashion and adjust our schedule if new information is learned or the project changes direction.

implement iterations

Step 4

Implement, Evaluate & Repeat

This step is really an extension of Step 3. After we define the project iterations and milestones the fun begins. We go forth with the project, and after we are finished with the technical aspects, we conduct a detailed evaluation process where we determine if we met our goals, and if we want to make adjustment for the next iteration.

project delivery

Step 5

Delivery and Project Measurements

This final step is an overall retrospective that involves a formal hand-off of the project to you and your team. We’ll ensure that we’ve provided enough documentation and training so that, going forward, your team can take the new technology and run with it.

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