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Get Visibility Across All Teams and Projects with Portfolio for Jira

Plan Visual Roadmaps
Create a real-time agile portfolio plan for all your Jira projects so you have one roadmap and visibility across all teams.

Isos Technology helps you setup, configure, plan, and manage Atlassian Portfolio leveraging industry best-practices from day 1.

Setup Portfolio Right the 1st Time

Configure Teams and Plans

Train Product Teams on Portfolio Plan Management

Develop Plan and Communication Best Practices

Your Definitive Resource for

Atlassian Portfolio Implementation

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Expert Portfolio Guidance

Configure Atlassian's Portfolio service right the first time. Isos Technology is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner who provides expert guidance when setting up and managing your Portfolio environment.

Forecast Release Dates
Forecast release dates so you can optimize your team's schedule in real-time.

Manage Resources
Manage your teams' velocity and team member availability so you can account for any resource variability in your plan.

Analyze Multiple Scenarios
Select, save, and compare multiple "what-if" scenarios so you can pick the best portfolio plan for your teams.

Track Business Goals
Set business goals and track progress to make sure you execute your strategy and keep everyone aligned to the same priorities.

Report on Status & Progress
Scope, capacity, releases, schedules, sprints or themes. Get a graphical overview of your plan so that everyone is on the same page.


Portfolio is easy to set up, but often hard to configure for your team. Isos Technology helps you create an environment to match your company for maximum productivity.

Create teams, populate your plan, build estimates, and organize your company's release schedule.

Teach product teams how to manage their release updates so the entire organization is up-to-date on development timelines.

Learn how to communicate with your team, the organization, and key stakeholders to ensure everyone has the information they need.