Add-On Spotlight of the Month: Riada Insight Integrations

We can’t stop talking about Riada Insight, a powerful app that provides enterprise asset management within Jira. But did you know that Riada Insight can integrate with AWS and Azure? These two integrations will allow you to
import your Cloud infrastructure as assets you can track. With both the AWS and Azure Integrations, you can:

-Analyze dependencies in your enterprise network
-Visualize assets in a unique way to help better make decisions
-Receive notifications or create Jira issues if a server becomes unresponsive or licenses are up for renewal
-Obtain access to either the AWS or Azure asset structure in Insight via Insight custom fields

These integrations round out Riada’s offering and provide a whole new world of visualization and automation when it comes to enterprise asset management. Check them out on the Atlassian Marketplace!

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