With just under three weeks left until Agile Arizona 2018, have you started thinking about how you will get the most out of the conference? If not, it’s probably time to get started. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of the Agile Arizona 2018.

Brush up on Agile frameworks

As the adoption of Agile has grown, frameworks have been created to encapsulate Agile, adding to its utility. If you haven’t looked at Agile beyond the basic concepts, it’s time to brush up on some of the more popular frameworks. Are you familiar with SAFe? How about DaD? What about LeSS?

Review your Agile books

If you have been using Agile for any length of time, you probably have favorite books or authors on the subject. This is a perfect time to review them, and an awesome way to prepare your brain to soak in all the Agile knowledge you are about to be flooded with.

Get familiar with the presenters

Agile Arizona attracts a lot of excellent speakers. With different backgrounds and unique Agile journeys, the experience they bring unique flavor to the conference. If you haven’t already looked at the speakers, you should head on over and check out their bios.

…and once you are done with their bios, check out the links to their various Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles and blogs. You will find invaluable insights.

Plan out your day

Here is a fact: sessions at Agile Arizona fill up quickly. It is easy to find yourself without a seat or even unable to attend sessions you want to see. Review all of the sessions. Decide which ones are “must sees”, which ones are “that might be interesting”, and which ones you aren’t interested in. This will buy you much needed breathing room for the day.

This year, Isos Technology has two presentations which you should consider adding to your day:
Common SAFe Pitfalls and How to Recover From Them from Bob Wen
Practical Steps to Ensure a Successful Agile Transformation from Larry Cummings

Prepare questions

Part of getting the most out of the conference is being an active participant. One of the best ways to do this is to prepare questions you want answers to before Agile Arizona. This will help you take a directed approach to gaining knowledge which you will be able to bring back to your post-conference life.

…and make sure you have room for swag

Hey, it wouldn’t be a conference if there weren’t goodies to bring home.