With the start of a new year, it’s time to dive into the best DevOps Conferences to attend in 2016. Excellent presentations, guest speakers, and valuable content you don’t want to miss are all in store! Give yourself a competitive upper hand, and start planning out your conference attendances today. We have complied a list […]

User Experience (UX) is Driven by Mobile Needs Across the Industry As companies realize they need a stronger mobile presence to stay relevant and current with today’s and the future’s online needs, they’re turning to UX professionals to guide them or lead them in the endeavor. Many organizations are still trapped in the quagmire of […]

Must read list for the UX professional

Where can I read up on what UX is and it’s principles? I get asked this question a great deal by those studying UX, those interested in it and even savvy clients looking to better understand what is involved with and what UX means in general. Print There are a metric ton of books out […]

I haven’t said much about Bootstrap, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I feel like it frees my mind up for the overall picture by making little complexities easier to use. As I’ve mentioned before, The client I primarily like to use to code is Coda 2 from Panic. Coda […]

In my last blog, I showed you how to configure Liquibase using Maven. The last step for using Liquibase in a modern development environment is to configure it using Spring. First you need to configure your Maven pom.xml to get all the dependency classes for the Spring bean. Here is a sample configuration: Next, you […]

What if you need to access a “private” API with Atlassian Connect?  The frustrating reality is that although API’s exist for Agile/Greenhopper, you can’t use them within your Connect add-ons.  So, if you need a list of Sprints,  you’re likely left scratching your head. Maybe there’s a better way than what I came up with, […]

In part one of this post I gave a quick and dirty page overlay with an animated gif spinner to get by in a pinch. Now I’m going to show the CSS animated spinner in place of the animated gif spinner. The Why Why replace the animated gif spinner with a CSS animated one you ask? […]

In my last blog, I showed the basics of Liquibase and how to get up and running quickly using the basic command line syntax. Naturally, no developer wants to work like this. Let’s see how we can set up Liquibase in a modern development environment. As you recall the first command we ran was generateChangeLog […]

In addition to a branching strategy, which seems to get a lot of attention, there is also a strategy for git revert. I suppose this is more of a set of good practices and training than a strategy. Whatever you want to call it let’s take a little time to talk about some options for […]

Page loading overlays are a dime a dozen. What I’m presenting isn’t anything new, just the quickest and easiest way to get you through in a pinch. While working under a tight deadline recently, there wasn’t an opportunity to rewrite things to remedy the situation. And while I didn’t have an actual FOUC taking place (you […]