HipChat makes me happy. There are many aspects to HipChat that make it essential to any process. Once you’ve used it, it’s hard to adopt another avenue of communication. I’ve had the pleasure of being a user since it was obtained by Atlassian, so I’ve been able to watch it grow. From the beginning (well, […]

User Experience (UX) is Driven by Mobile Needs Across the Industry As companies realize they need a stronger mobile presence to stay relevant and current with today’s and the future’s online needs, they’re turning to UX professionals to guide them or lead them in the endeavor. Many organizations are still trapped in the quagmire of […]

Must read list for the UX professional

Where can I read up on what UX is and it’s principles? I get asked this question a great deal by those studying UX, those interested in it and even savvy clients looking to better understand what is involved with and what UX means in general. Print There are a metric ton of books out […]

In part one of this post I gave a quick and dirty page overlay with an animated gif spinner to get by in a pinch. Now I’m going to show the CSS animated spinner in place of the animated gif spinner. The Why Why replace the animated gif spinner with a CSS animated one you ask? […]

In the final installment of this series on barcoding we’ll be reviewing a simple Spring MVC application that combines the concepts from the previous posts. This will illustrate how all the different components of a barcoding process, such as printing, scanning and user interaction, go together to form a complete workflow. It also provides a […]

Page loading overlays are a dime a dozen. What I’m presenting isn’t anything new, just the quickest and easiest way to get you through in a pinch. While working under a tight deadline recently, there wasn’t an opportunity to rewrite things to remedy the situation. And while I didn’t have an actual FOUC taking place (you […]

Normally we prefer to use Nginx as a reverse proxy for Atlassian apps. But when it comes to LDAP/AD authentication, Apache is the best option.  Nginx is capable of forcing web-server authentication, but it requires an unofficial plugin. (nginx-auth-ldap) Obviously, for our enterprise clients, it’s not worth the risk when Apache has an official mod for LDAP […]

Okay folks, this is another UX theory discussion. With all of the web application abilities today, there are various methods for solving any given problem. How to serve a lot of content, for instance, is ultimately up to the type of audience, the type of content, the purpose of the application, and the limitations of […]

Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug

At its core, user experience and usability amounts to ensuring that the end user finds what they are looking for without effort or without thinking. The user is already thinking about what they want to find. That should be all the effort required. Icons are a great example of not needing to think because the […]

In case you’ve been living under a rock a bunch of new mobile devices were recently released: Two new sizes of iPhones, the Amazon FirePhone and Fire HD Tablets, new Android devices are popping up all the time (I’m just gonna link you here) and whatever else you want to throw into the cesspool. There […]