Note: These tips were submitted by Zephyr Tip 1: Using Global Search with ZQL Queries How to Do It: The Search icon (magnifying glass) on the top right of Zephyr Enterprise screen provides access to a field which can be used to make keyword searches. Here is an example: Once you’ve entered a keyword, press the […]

Relationships between developers, testers and operations personnel could be described as tenuous at best, even though they must work toward a common goal. DevOps has changed the landscape by requiring these diverse groups to get along and work together to create the best software possible. The problem here is that no section can command the […]

Automation has been one of the decisive innovations of the last 150 years. Starting with devices such as the cotton gin and the steam engine, many processes that once required tons of manual labor were streamlined to be handled by machines in the background. More recently, software has taken automation to an entirely different level. […]

Several years ago, IT organizations of all stripes were looking for the perfect combo of hardware, software and experienced personnel (e.g., data scientists) that could help them harness the massive quantities of information being gathered by their systems. Big data was one of the most talked-about issues in software development and release. In 2016, big […]