Agile Arizona is right around the corner. It is in its fourth year and is expected to welcome 500+ attendees! Agile Arizona is the Southwest’s regional conference for Agile practitioners, coaches, trainers and enthusiasts. Guess what, we are sponsoring AGAIN this year! This affordable event is a full-day experience mixing passionate people, great ideas, and […]

After a recent round of retrospectives with my teams at the end of last quarter, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with gratitude at how much my team had opened up to me. Not only was I able to get to know them better and see our team’s work from new perspectives, but I also discovered […]

We’ve been on-boarding more Technical Consultants lately and we’ve been improving how we introduce them to our technology stack. We had a need to have a learning environment for two technologies: Ansible – used on more and more of our technical engagements. We use this to deploy the Atlassian applications and more. Click2Clone – we […]

Respect your time I think many developers have experienced opening up a project directory they haven’t touched in a few years and spending a couple of  hours piecing together the logic therein. A simple example of this is that sometimes it takes me a second or two to recognize a concise one liner for something […]

In October of 2018, the Department of Defense did a few things unprecedented in the Agile development space.  The Defense Innovation Board released a document for open publication and review providing guidance to Department of Defense programs struggling with Agile development. This document, The DIB Guide: Detecting Agile BS, is remarkable in a couple of […]

Intuition is a powerful perceptual tool that we utilize daily in unfamiliar terrain. Our intuition is mainly based on prior experiences in similar situations that we create assumptions from. When it comes to interacting with a digital interface for the first time, intuition is key. “Intuitive” is often used to describe a software UI that […]

Hello World! This is Nick Nader, and I recently joined the Isos Technology team as a solution engineer. As a 3 year alumnus of Penn State’s Information Science and Technology College, software professional, and lifelong technology user, I have discovered that there is one pertinent facet of software that is grossly underrated: usability. After recently […]

JavaScript is the second most popular programming language of 2019, according to StackOverFlow. 95% of all websites use it. And if a website doesn’t use it, it’s generally going to be a boring website. Despite its widespread use and applicability, it’s also regarded by many as one of the worst programming languages to use. Let’s […]

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen. “What is your name?…What is your quest?…” Monty Python and the Holy Grail A practice that most teams adopt from Scrum is the Daily Standup or “Daily Scrum”. In this timeboxed meeting, the members of the team, usually standing by a whiteboard with sticky notes or looking at […]

Atlassian kicked off Summit 2019 with their first Developer Day, and Atlassian Cloud was the focus of most of the sessions. The event foretold some of the announcements that were made during their opening keynote. Atlassian is pushing everyone to the cloud and see all of their customers using it in the future. Developer Day […]