Atlassian’s heritage and success is largely based on having created tools that made it possible for software development teams to create better software. Yet Jira adoption is growing faster for projects that are not software development projects. Why is this? How can a set of tools that evolved from the needs of software developers be […]

Atlassian JIRA

How do you explain Jira to a non-technical user? After recently getting schooled by my 9 year old… Me (beaming with pride): Honey, what is that you are working on? Her (looking at me like I have 3 heads): It’s a Venn Diagram daddy, haven’t you seen these before? As happy as I was to […]

Project Burnout

There is a thrill to starting a new project… delving into the requirements, discussions with enthusiastic business partners, new teammates, and usually something new, technically or procedurally, you hadn’t done before. That “something new and exciting” feeling that sparks jumping out of bed in the morning in a rush to get started and/or those late […]

Atlassian Platimum Experts Badge

Before we begin… Before I join the already crowded fray of folks chiming in on Jira Portfolio, a quick update is due on my last post. Here Be Dragons: hic sunt dracones Atlassian has a little series of activities to get people used to administering their suite of apps. It takes you on a whirlwind tour […]

My first official post for Isos Technology, my new employer, no pressure right? The good news is I can write about anything, as long as I can tie it to one of our pillars (what we do). Easy enough, except wow, where to start? Process Automation, Software Solutions, Mobile Solutions, and Smart Recruiting cover quite a bit […]

Incorporating telecommuting into core company culture helps to create more adaptive and productive teams.

There are two tools in my daily development effort that I can’t imagine doing without, Spring for Java development and Jira Agile for Agile project management. Yes, you can do Java development without the Spring framework, but the thought gives me the shakes. I used to feel this way about straight Jira, but as I […]

Earlier this week, Atlassian released version 6 of their flagship product Jira (tracking and workflow management platform). They’re touting it as their biggest release ever. For those in the IT or project management world who are not familiar with Jira, or Atlassian for that matter, I suggest you check both of them out. No, seriously… […]