DynamoDB is Amazon’s version of a NoSQL database. Now normally like everyone in the Amazon web space you have to develop your application remotely… and every developer knows that developing remotely is a huge pain. Not only do you have to worry about network and speed issues, you also have to worry about racking up unnecessary costs […]

I recently attended Desert Code Camp as an application development Presenter. My presentation topic was Spring Data and MongoDB. I thought I would share a little bit of experience and a little background and history that helped lead up to the event. I was 15 years old when I first experienced what it was like […]

I wanted to take a quick break from my normal routine of writing portal blogs and write about my visit to Desert Code Camp on November 9th. It was a long Saturday, but I got a chance to unwind a bit, hang out and support my good friends at Isos and get exposed to some […]

If you do any Java web development, hopefully you’ve discovered how much the Spring Framework can help. And if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with EJBs from the Java 1.4 and earlier days, you know just how onerous development can be. In the past (10 years or more), development cycles of several years […]

Spring Data with Mongo DB In my last blog entry I took you through a short justification on why you would consider using MongoDB. It is always good to start with the basics. However, an application with any sort of complexity is going to require a little more configuration and infrastructure. I’ve been programming with […]

The Issue with Relational Databases The so-called NoSQL databases are starting to take the development world by storm. Developers and end-users are looking for ways to use and scale data in ways not accommodated by traditional SQL relational data stores. It can be a sickening thought to have to learn yet another way of implementing […]