Time to geek it up! I wanted this third part of my series to be a culmination of my previous Up and Running with Homebrew part 1 and part 2 blogs along with Forcing Myself to Learn by Teaching. I figured I’d compromise on forcing myself to learn and start the process by sharing something […]

In my last blog entry I walked you through the setup of a Java/Maven/Git development environment on OS X using Homebrew. In this entry I will walk you through a project using this new developer setup. A Quick Spring Project Let’s put our new tools to work by creating a starter application that will use […]

Overview One of the first things I do when using a new Mac is to set up development tools. Rather than jumping all over the internet and downloading all these separately, I’ve come to know a nice command line utility called Homebrew. Now I know this isn’t exactly breaking news–a lot of people have messed around […]

A few weeks ago I had to update a Maven dependency on a project for the latest build, which triggered the Maven Tango:  a cascade of updates was necessary to keep everything happy with all the interdependencies. After I was done I built and ran the project, and everything was great… until the next morning, […]

Tomcat Maven Plugin I’m one of those people who feels that if there are more than 3 steps in setting up a project, there’s more work to do. I remember one place I worked at started out with a one week setup period before you were expected to have the project up and running. It […]

Before we get to the why, let’s start with the what. In this case the what is, “what is Gradle.” In the simplest terms Gradle is a Groovy based build automation tool that sits in the middle ground between Ant and Maven. I know there are dogmatic users of Ant or Maven having a meltdown […]

After we configure a well-structred Maven layout for our Liferay project, we will create a simple Spring MVC portlet. You may ask, “Why use Spring MVC and not extend one of the Liferay implementations (e.g. LiferayPortlet or MVCPortlet)?” It’s easy – why restrict your portlet to only run on Liferay? It does not make sense. […]

Liferay recently added documentation on using Maven for the development of Liferay plugins. The full documentation can be found here: I want to go through a few issues I noticed when following the instructions to set up the Maven environment. The code and configuration files can be found at ADD PROFILES TO YOUR […]

“Using Spring Tool Suite (STS) for Liferay Development” is the first blog in a series that researches the usability of STS in the Liferay Development process. One might ask: Why not to use the Liferay Development Studio? For one thing, I dislike Ant. All my recent projects have used Maven. There is not a good […]