In a perfect world we would be able to predict the future for everyone. But alas, we live in a reality where this is most definitely not the case. In the world of client support we have to anticipate the future needs of our clients, as well as being able to assist in times of […]

This is the third part in a three post series. If you missed the other parts, check them out here: part 1 part 2 Does it make sense to move into a Cloud environment like AWS, Azure or the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Moving into a Cloud environment like AWS, Azure or GCP is by […]

In the business of managed services, time is always of the essence. Companies rely on their technology to be successful, so when something stops working it affects the bottom line. Providing efficient support involves many factors, but the most important is isolating the root cause of the problem. The sooner you determine the root cause, […]

Have you ever promised solutions or results you couldn’t deliver? Have you ever seen a coworker do this? I know I have. When somebody asks if you can solve a problem, the natural response most people want to give is: “yeah, sure, I can do that for you.” Understandably, we don’t want to say no […]

Technology is amazing! It allows us as human beings to do so many things and to stay connected like no other age in the history of the world. Social media and other modes of communication allow us to know what someone is doing, saying, or thinking at any time with ease. In business this can […]