Last Fall I got roped into working on a SAFe whitepaper and webinar. While I had over 10 years experience with Agile, I had never really been exposed to large scale agile frameworks before. I understood some of the limitations with Agile as organizations grew, but I had never looked deeply into how to deal […]

Hello and welcome to another edition of Jira Gore. My name is Lianna Kong and on today’s post, we’re going to talk about field names. Usually unassuming pieces of Jira, they’re easy to build and easy to name. They’re just so flexible! You can name them whatever you want! And then I get requests like […]

After using Jira for awhile, I started to look at aspects of my personal life through an Atlassian lens. It started with maintenance and projects around the house. Any homeowner can tell you that there is always something else to do: replacing outlets, painting, taking down the holiday decorations… (I know it’s May, don’t judge […]

When I talk to people about Atlassian, they frequently start asking me questions about Jira. I certainly enjoy this and love talking about Jira at length, but I always secretly hope they will ask me about Confluence. My favorite of the two foundational Atlassian products has always been Confluence. When I first started using Atlassian […]

Hello there. I’m Lianna Kong and I’ve been a Jira administrator for a very long time. Over ten years, I’ve worked in the Atlassian environment with multiple companies. Today, I’ll introduce you to Jira Gore where we’ll go over some of the most interesting, but surprisingly not unique, requests that I have come across. With […]

Thinking of how difficult it is to maintain custom fields in Jira? Imagine you had a form with 40 new custom fields! Well, have a look at what ProForma has to offer, such as being available for Jira Software, Core & Service Desk. Creating Forms ProForma provides a couple of pre-made templates you can use to […]

Welcome back to another blog where I will share some code to help optimize your time as a Jira Admin. My aim is to save you the hassle of having to manually search the Jira UI in order to find the data you need by using automation to quickly find this information, instead. For whatever […]

Many times a person or a team will request something that works just for them. It’s a process, a field, or a status that’s specific to their team’s workflow. In these cases it’s important to get more information about what their goals are. Often, there’s a question about how they’re currently working and what data […]

Use Case: I’m unable to see the development sidebar on my Jira issues. Troubleshooting Tips: Was the issue listed in Github? In order to have the pull request, branch or commit appear in the Jira issue’s development sidebar, the issue key must be added. We recommend adding a template in your Github repository that includes “## […]

When it comes to fields, it is usually sufficient to select which ones will appear on a given screen but Jira administrators have other options available to them. Administrators have the ability to hide fields if they wish to prevent users from changing a field’s value. They also have the option to require users to […]