When it comes to fields, it is usually sufficient to select which ones will appear on a given screen but Jira administrators have other options available to them. Administrators have the ability to hide fields if they wish to prevent users from changing a field’s value. They also have the option to require users to […]

“Easy… Secrets? Wait. What’s that?… Oh, oh, ok. Excuse me. So it’s Easysecrets, one word? Got it, but still. You’ve got to be kidding me!” As a trusted, Platinum Atlassian Partner we get asked all the time for input on an array of topics, but hands down, the number one inquisition is all about the […]

In my last blog post we used a Jupyter notebook to create a custom report from a Jira server. It turns out connectivity to Atlassian apps doesn’t stop at Jira. Today we are going to use the same script creation and execution process to create bulk repositories in a Fisheye / Crucible server. Let’s begin! What […]

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen. “What is your name?…What is your quest?…” Monty Python and the Holy Grail A practice that most teams adopt from Scrum is the Daily Standup or “Daily Scrum”. In this timeboxed meeting, the members of the team, usually standing by a whiteboard with sticky notes or looking at […]

As teams begin to work in an Agile fashion, dividing up work into smaller batch sizes so that it fits in smaller iterations, many business stakeholders wonder about whether the broader themes that they want can be realized from the development and deployment of all these “stories”.  To that end, many businesses take those stories […]

Workflows are fundamental to every Jira project, so it’s important to set them up correctly. Jira provides tremendous flexibility in how you can configure a workflow. However, this also means there are a lot of details that can mismanaged. One of the most common mistakes administrators make is forgetting to properly set and clear the […]

Here are some quick tips on setting up a customer friendly knowledge base that is both informative and restricted from the public. Log in to Jira and Confluence. Ensure you have the proper permissions to make changes to the Jira project and to create a space in Confluence. Go to the service desk project, click on Project […]

At Isos we encounter many situations where either clients or we would like to trigger a custom action or script when a custom field changes. With no out-of-the-box Jira solution, we have have come up with some solid ways to accomplish. I would like to share with you one of our methods using a generic […]

Visibility of all issues within a Jira project can be limited to specific users and groups by assigning them to Project Roles and granting the Browse Projects permission to those roles. In order to restrict the visibility of specific issues within a project, the project must use an Issue Security Scheme. These schemes consist of […]

Spring cleaning is all about “out with the old, in with the new”. Hopefully your Jira Administrators are taking a look at your Jira instance and evaluating custom fields, workflows and schemes, both those in use and those not in use. We typically recommend larger enterprises try to reuse custom fields as much as possible. […]