In my blog post last Friday I talked to management about using Jira Service Desk. How did that go? They didn’t see what I saw.  I saw unity.  I saw freeing resources to do other things.  I saw less overhead, and more communication at a cheaper overhead cost.  This was especially true when Atlassian offered […]

 Jira Service Desk – ITSM Your Way  Did you know that Jira Service Desk has built-in workflows now that address some ITSM concepts? A quick tip: YOUR vision/version of ITSM is probably different than everyone else, so please don’t feel like you HAVE to change your process in order to adapt to what comes in the box. […]

Great times with great people, here’s a recap of some of the best moments for me from Atlassian Summit 2015. Ecosystem Day: It was great to get to participate in this for the first time. The morning was a bit of a whirlwind as we got to preview quite a bit of the Atlassian content that […]

Hi Folks! Summit is here! Please drop by booth C4 (yes, like BOOM!) and say hello! It’s unfortunate, but I will most likely spend the majority of my time in the booth. I would love to absorb more of the sessions, but I can’t forget that I GET to meet so many awesome Atlassian users, […]

ipso lorem or whatever Need Agile LC diagram Confluence Requirements Gathering Jira Issues- we all have them SDLC – Tools – Stash Jira – monitoring, release Jira Service Desk! Confluence KB (tie to requirements?)

Before I get into this too deeply, you really need to understand the context. There are so many Jira dudes/dudettes (admins) out there in the wild with little support. They are really my audience. It’s totally true, Atlassian puts forth volumes of information on their apps, which is awesome! However, I think in many cases […]

Atlassian JIRA

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite A Teamer is, was, and always will be Hannibal Smith. It’s not just that we share a love of cigars and getting “all the things” done. I think it’s that he always seemed to convey a genuine passion and single mindedness in achieving his team’s objectives. You […]

We spend much of our work day either fulfilling routine requests or making requests of others, both inside and outside of our organization, that they would deem routine. Your daily work effort consists of processes that you either participate in or initiate. I can’t think of a better way to model processes than through Jira […]

For those not familiar with the HDI Conference, HDI is the premier IT service and technical support conference in the ITSM industry. This year’s conference was hosted by Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The Isos Team was asked to co-host a conference booth with Atlassian in support of Jira Service Desk. After three days […]

In its 2.0 incarnation, Jira Service Desk is another strong product in the Atlassian lineup.