After having a look at the merging features in Stash, we will take a tour thru the configuration of Bamboo with regards to its auto-merging features. Configuration The auto-merge configuration in Bamboo is part of the “Branches” settings page. After checking the “Branch merging enabled” options, two options will appear for choosing the desired merge functionality. Branch […]

      Who’s heard of Percona?  Actually,  it’s probably more common than I realize. I hadn’t used it until a couple weeks ago, however. Ever thought of how common MySQL is, and about how many people understand the default settings for MySQL? Yes, this has become a security vulnerability! Database tuning and security can be a […]

I recently discovered an awesome annotation in Hibernate that somehow escaped me in my consulting adventures. It is called @Formula. It is pretty straightforward to use and once you’ve seen it’s benefits you will want to use it all the time (I caution you on using it all the time for reasons I will explain […]

Atlassian Hipchat

I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of daily information and communication. It is flying at me from all sources: email, phone, sms, visitors, social media, and HipChat. I found myself trying to be on top of all communications. It was a badge of honor to be über responsive. What I found was that I was living […]

Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug

At its core, user experience and usability amounts to ensuring that the end user finds what they are looking for without effort or without thinking. The user is already thinking about what they want to find. That should be all the effort required. Icons are a great example of not needing to think because the […]

As a developer, it is often just as important to understand the unspoken implicit requirements of a new feature or project as it is to understand the explicitly stated ones. Sometimes a customer or Subject Matter Expert (SME) will make an innocuous request and couch it in terms that lead you down the wrong path. […]

Git can have some unexpected behavior if a starry eyed developer decides to rewrite history. When we speak of rewriting history, we are not actually directly editing history, but rather presenting it in another way. So what are some common ways people do this? And what are the ramifications of it? And how do we […]

At the beginning of a recent class, I asked my students if any of them ride a snowboard. When just a single hand went up, I added, “how about skiing,” which garnered another outstretched arm or two. I then asked if any of them played sports at the college—or had in high school. How about […]

In its 2.0 incarnation, Jira Service Desk is another strong product in the Atlassian lineup.

Even if you are just starting to learn Android development, you are probably aware of the options available for working with the SDK. And even though the command-line is one of these options, I would venture to guess 90% of developers want an IDE with a GUI and code completion features. So that leaves us […]