Time to geek it up! I wanted this third part of my series to be a culmination of my previous Up and Running with Homebrew part 1 and part 2 blogs along with Forcing Myself to Learn by Teaching. I figured I’d compromise on forcing myself to learn and start the process by sharing something […]

If you’re a company with a lot of complex processes and procedures, Atlassian’s Confluence can be a great way to store, organize, and communicate information. But there’s a downside too: it can get overwhelming. We’ve all seen that wiki page with massive walls of text outlining a process. It’s the page no one wants to […]

User Experience (UX) is Driven by Mobile Needs Across the Industry As companies realize they need a stronger mobile presence to stay relevant and current with today’s and the future’s online needs, they’re turning to UX professionals to guide them or lead them in the endeavor. Many organizations are still trapped in the quagmire of […]

  If you’re in technology and haven’t been living under a rock you’re aware of Git. If you’re aware of Git then you’re probably aware of Vincent Driesson’s eventful blog “A Successful Git Branching Model” that has since been implemented and widely referred to as Gitflow. Don’t let the title of this blog fool you, […]

Spring Batch is used for a number of processing jobs. It’s quite robust, easy to configure and executes fairly well. One of the common tasks it is used for is parsing CSV files. But lets face it, how often do you get CSV files that are well structured and follow RFC4180? CSV files come in […]

In my last blog, I showed you how to configure Liquibase using Maven. The last step for using Liquibase in a modern development environment is to configure it using Spring. First you need to configure your Maven pom.xml to get all the dependency classes for the Spring bean. Here is a sample configuration: Next, you […]

Recently, during a painful Confluence instance merge/migration, I needed a way to address messed up space permissions.  We won’t get into why they were messed up, but a little better group alignment before the merge would have been helpful.  Anyway, there was no turning back and I needed to be able to fix spaces that were rendered […]

Wrapping an Atlassian application in a package with a nice bow makes it easier to install via a configuration management tool. Building an RPM was a pain until we started using FPM, the Effing Package Management ( The README includes required packages and installation steps across a variety of platforms. Here is the command to […]

Before I get into the discussion allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Yarrow and I’m a member of the Isos Technology Atlassian team. Prior to coming to Isos, I spent a few years working for a software development shop, starting as their Mac support person and adding on responsibilities as time went […]

Image Credit: Phil Dolby Product development work effort is coordinated to maximize value creation not land on predicted end dates I learned project management by working on software development projects. Early in my career I was taught that a project is defined as a work effort that has a clear start and end date. This […]