Great things can be achieved with the judicious placement of a fulcrum. When properly utilized, a fulcrum allows massive objects to be effortlessly moved. This principle is what makes commercial fire doors so effective. Once balanced, the massive door can be moved by the average two-year old. This ease of movement is especially important in […]

Don’t get stuck. For all open-source CMS platforms or portals, there may be some preferred ways of doing things. Some libraries and methods may even be “invented” by the developers of these platforms in attempt to minimize integration and optimization issues. This all makes sense from a logical standpoint and, if you’re comfortable with it, […]

Jira Mobile Connect is a library provided by Atlassian to enable application communication directly with Jira. Just enable the Plugin in your Jira instance and start creating feedback from your application, have conversations with the user and report on crashes. Jira Mobile Connect is an open source library and is currently available for iOS. FEATURE […]

How many times have you had a way of implementing something buried under layers of classes/source code that’s fairly impossible to explain, understand and much less remember months down the road? Usually it starts with a question that goes something like, “Hey Bob, how does that rule for TPS reports get applied?” Or worse yet, […]

There is nothing like sitting in a 2-hour meeting and at the end of it reaching the decision to have another meeting. As application developers, our time is precious. We need time to design, develop and maintain applications – all while everyone from the CIO to the project manager are breathing down our necks, talking […]

Confluence, the enterprise wiki from Atlassian, is readily adopted throughout organizations and not limited to just IT. However, when you ask non-techies about Jira or Jira Agile, chances are you will be greeted with a deer in the headlights look. On the off-chance they have heard of it, they will probably describe it as a […]

The horse and buggy is still a viable mode of transportation. Newer needs can be accommodated by adding horses and modifying the buggy. Of course just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should. When Java was establishing itself as a staple of modern enterprise applications development teams began creating frameworks for standard needs. […]