With a new office comes customizations of every kind to make employees comfortable and exited to come to work, as well as hosting clients and other people who might come to visit us. The past two offices we’ve been through, I’ve been charged with creating some wall art that kind of defines where we’re at. […]

The week started off like any other, nothing crazy or different.  That was until we received a phone call that our emergency dog fostering services were needed. Let me back up a bit and explain how we got here. I am currently engaged to a “dog guy” and when we met he had a beautiful […]

We recently moved offices. Having been in our previous office for approximately 6 years, and the only one I had the opportunity to work in, it was really a great space. Being a tech company, it had the cool tech vibe, with video games, flat screen TVs and couches that you could relax on and […]

At some point, you’ll probably hear about our swanky new office in Tempe, AZ (if you haven’t already). But for now I wanted to introduce you to what is now our oldest Isos offie location. Our DC office is inside a WeWork and we love it! We’ve got electric standing desks (that we can also […]

I needed a quick way to communicate with our employees. Thank you Slack!! As the HR person at Isos, I periodically (frequently) need to communicate different forms of information with our employees.  Sometimes it’s a pdf. Sometimes it’s an announcement. Sometimes it’s a link to a Confluence page or HelloSign link. Many different topics need […]

Introduction Isos Technology is a great place to work. It is comprised of lots of awesome / passionate technologists. Part of that passion means we spend hours each day talking to customers, educating them on the entire Atlassian ecosystem. We’re Atlassian fan boys/girls… loud (literally) and proud! Flying in the face of what a lot of […]

When you work in the corporate world, you know that there are some things that are as predictable as the coming of the tides. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a small company or a multi-nation corporation. One of the biggest of these is annual employee benefits changes. Every year when employee benefits renew, […]

Debating whether to stay home in your pajamas while working away or driving to your closest WeWork? Working in your pajamas might sound awfully appealing (trust me, I’ve been there and done that), but there’s something about getting up, changing into real clothes, and setting your workspace that makes your working day ten times better, […]

As we enjoy the BBQs and extra time off, let’s take a minute to reflect on what it is we are celebrating. All too often Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and the Fourth of July become intertwined with each other because of patriotic outfits and fun in the sun. However, it’s important to pause the festivities […]