In my blog post last Friday I talked to management about using Jira Service Desk. How did that go? They didn’t see what I saw.  I saw unity.  I saw freeing resources to do other things.  I saw less overhead, and more communication at a cheaper overhead cost.  This was especially true when Atlassian offered […]

 Jira Service Desk – ITSM Your Way  Did you know that Jira Service Desk has built-in workflows now that address some ITSM concepts? A quick tip: YOUR vision/version of ITSM is probably different than everyone else, so please don’t feel like you HAVE to change your process in order to adapt to what comes in the box. […]

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As anyone starting a new job can attest, training is by far the most necessary component to any position. You need to understand your function within the organization, and how to do your job effectively. Most of the time, employees are learning how to properly use software to streamline their responsibilities and keep track of […]

I love using Atlassian Tools. I started using them full time in 2005. Eleven years later, I still learn new things about the tools every day. They are continually evolving and improving. I learned my core skills because I’m used to being an an early adopter. I didn’t mind reading a bunch of documentation, looking […]

Atlassian’s heritage and success is largely based on having created tools that made it possible for software development teams to create better software. Yet Jira adoption is growing faster for projects that are not software development projects. Why is this? How can a set of tools that evolved from the needs of software developers be […]

With the start of a new year, it’s time to dive into the best DevOps Conferences to attend in 2016. Excellent presentations, guest speakers, and valuable content you don’t want to miss are all in store! Give yourself a competitive upper hand, and start planning out your conference attendances today. We have complied a list […]

Have you been putting off the migration from Bugzilla to Jira because the built-in importer is missing data that you’re not willing to part with?  This problem has been lingering since 2011 with no sign of Atlassian love. Fear not, has you covered…let’s get it done! The problem is a misinterpretation of what fields are […]

At the Code Day Phoenix event in November 2015, Isos Technology helped Co+Hoots Foundation* provide scholarships to girls interested in attending Code Day Phoenix. That’s a big deal for me, as I was inspired to pursue a career in technology because of a computer scientist I met as an intern. She taught me that the […]

Portfolio for Jira (formerly Jira Portfolio) is a powerful, and highly attractive add-on for Jira. Portfolio provides strategic planning capability to Jira. This is a huge development in the Atlassian community. For many years product developers and managers have had to maintain strategic plans and product roadmaps outside of Atlassian’s tools. With the new release […]

As promised in my last post, this one is going to cover a few settings that users often overlook. Jira Let’s start with Jira. First, select your profile icon in the top right corner, then select ‘Profile.’ You can edit a few sections on that screen, but the MOST important settings are down a little bit […]