When considering whether to manipulate the Confluence database directly without using the API or the GUI, you should be aware of the following risk and how it can be mitigated. tl;dr When moving data by directly manipulating the Confluence database, the length of URLs for Dev/Staging (lower) environments must be as short or shorter than URLs […]

Are your searches producing pages and pages of results in Confluence?  Do you have difficulty finding what you are looking for in Confluence?  Try using Confluence’s advanced search query to narrow down your search results (from  Some (but not all) of the features are listed below.  Search for an exact match by using double quotes around […]

When I talk to people about Atlassian, they frequently start asking me questions about Jira. I certainly enjoy this and love talking about Jira at length, but I always secretly hope they will ask me about Confluence. My favorite of the two foundational Atlassian products has always been Confluence. When I first started using Atlassian […]

It’s finally here! Spring has sprung. I think this time of year is like no other. There is a palpable feel in the air to do something. Go somewhere! Plant something! Start a project! You might even whistle as you walk into work in the morning… assuming you had your coffee first, of course- let’s […]

Working from home gives you the freedom to work whenever you want, but you need to learn what tools you find helpful to manage your time. Below are some quick tips to keep you on track! The To-Do List Start of your day with a 15 minute planning session. Make a To-Do list of what […]

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas. There were many tracks and topics available. I made sure to mark the most interesting talks on my handy dandy Atlassian Events App. One track I was particularly interested in was People, Practices and Culture. I enjoy learning how we can […]

One of the powerful new features introduced with Confluence 6.0, collaborative editing, allows multiple users to edit a document together in real-time. Under the hood, the Synchrony service keeps tabs on all the moving parts and performs the necessary behind-the-scenes magic to make this feature a breeze to use. A client had recently attempted to […]

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen. It’s very rare that we get to write in the style of our favorite blogger, Dr. John Watson, but something happened this week that seemed like it leaped out of the pages of The Strand. At Isos, we recently started seeing a rash of Confluence servers going down […]

Here are some quick tips on setting up a customer friendly knowledge base that is both informative and restricted from the public. Log in to Jira and Confluence. Ensure you have the proper permissions to make changes to the Jira project and to create a space in Confluence. Go to the service desk project, click on Project […]

When you work in the corporate world, you know that there are some things that are as predictable as the coming of the tides. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a small company or a multi-nation corporation. One of the biggest of these is annual employee benefits changes. Every year when employee benefits renew, […]