I haven’t said much about Bootstrap, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I feel like it frees my mind up for the overall picture by making little complexities easier to use.
As I’ve mentioned before, The client I primarily like to use to code is Coda 2 from Panic. Coda has the ability to expand with a lot of things, like plugins, code-highlighting for various languages, and clips. I found this fun thingy around the webs and I wanted to share.
It has a ton of clips, neatly organized into groups and ready to add to your project… or to just use to play around. If you have Coda 2 installed, just download the files from GitHub or clone. Then, select them all and open them (⌘ + o) and find them in your clips tab.
Say you want a fancy dropdown button: Hit the “Bootstrap 3 Buttons: Other” clip group and double-click on the “Dropdown Buttons” clip. It tosses where your cursor is and points out where you need to customize the text and you just add some more <li> tags and you’re done.
It’s a great time-saver and brings me great happiness.