Why Support IE8?

Even with Microsoft sunsetting Windows XP support, we will still need to support IE8 for the foreseeable future.

After all the prep work over the months, I started to seriously debate what route to take with the turbo kit. Did I want to piece one together myself, or buy something pre-made (or some combination of both)? I’m not completely new to the process of piecing together my own kit. Years ago I put […]

Even though continuous deployment is not part of Gitflow per se, we want to take a quick look at the tools Bamboo provides to allow for continuous deployment of application changes. Build Plan Setup Setting up a Bamboo plan for continuous deployment starts very much like the configuration of the plan we created in the previous […]

As a designer or UX professional working primarily in a developer’s world, one usually gets stuck using whatever the developers are using while being expected to accurately perform all of the tasks they we’re hired to do. As a designer or UX professional, you have to admit: That’s a bunch of crap. These days, designers […]

“Extra! Extra! Read all about Brikit!” From the company that brought us Zen, the amazing design tool for Confluence, a brand new plugin rolls out for the same purposes. This one, however, is twice as powerful and much more user friendly, making some of the more daunting tasks a breeze. Theme Press from Brikit is […]

This series of posts has very little to do with serious, technical content, but has a lot to do with fun.  I thought I’d post up my thoughts/progression on building up my 2000 Mazda Miata from last year: I started out wanting a super reliable car that’s fun and wouldn’t break the bank. Debated picking […]

Spring Integration ships with basic support for security via Spring Security. Out of the box, the developer is able to secure both send and receive access to a channel. While not specifically mentioned in the documentation, one may also have a great deal of fun spattering the @PreAuthorize and @PostAuthorize annotations in @ServiceActivator endpoints. However, […]

If You Open It, They Will Come… with Beer When Atlassian asked Isos to attend their Austin RoadTrip and Launch Party for their new Austin office we said… “you bet”, then promptly purchased two Four Peak’s kegs, rented a Suburban, and sent part of the Isos team on the road to Austin. What else would […]

Taking Notes & Reminders If you aren’t taking notes, you’re doing it wrong! Write everything down, either by hand or digital device. I keep a number of Moleskin™s of different sizes and flavors for different uses. Meeting notes, diagrams, sketching, wireframing, instant scrap paper to jot something down and hand to someone. My phone is […]

Incorporating telecommuting into core company culture helps to create more adaptive and productive teams.