This is the second in a series of discussions on Liferay deployment environments and other practical issues. In this discussion, we look at using Amazon Web Services for building Liferay environments. Cloud services and solutions have been on the rise in recent years, with hosted commodity servers and administrative tools easing system administration for development, […]

Great things can be achieved with the judicious placement of a fulcrum. When properly utilized, a fulcrum allows massive objects to be effortlessly moved. This principle is what makes commercial fire doors so effective. Once balanced, the massive door can be moved by the average two-year old. This ease of movement is especially important in […]

Making a site SEO friendly is all about quality content and keyword research. Writing content around your targeted keywords, not just weaving keywords in, and then building high ranking links to that content is the goal. Not to trivialize the amount of potential work this can be, especially for a large site, but these are the […]

Don’t get stuck. For all open-source CMS platforms or portals, there may be some preferred ways of doing things. Some libraries and methods may even be “invented” by the developers of these platforms in attempt to minimize integration and optimization issues. This all makes sense from a logical standpoint and, if you’re comfortable with it, […]

Finding, hiring and retaining top talent in any industry can be tough. In the information technology industry this is especially true. The finding and hiring parts of this trio are where many companies focus 100% of their talent attention. But once the employee is in the door, it is critical that the upfront investment in […]

I was playing around recently with X-editable, specifically X-editable for Bootstrap, and I’ve found it to be quite a nice way to introduce inline editing to any Bootstrap application. Since I was using this in a SpringMVC application, I found myself adding controller methods similar to this: This method would back a single X-editable field […]

Jira Mobile Connect is a library provided by Atlassian to enable application communication directly with Jira. Just enable the Plugin in your Jira instance and start creating feedback from your application, have conversations with the user and report on crashes. Jira Mobile Connect is an open source library and is currently available for iOS. FEATURE […]

As a platform for portals, Liferay is inherently open to social activity. By default users have the ability to comment on pages, post on forums, have public profiles and connect to social networks. This blog will explore tips for ‘locking down’ Liferay for more limited social activity, which may be an important consideration for building […]

WANT MVC? Are you still using plain vanilla portlets and want to catch up with the rest of the modern web development world? Then it’s time to move on to using a Model-View-Controller framework. SpringMVC is one of the most popular and actively maintained model view controller frameworks available today. In case you’ve been living […]

Why use personas in software and web development?

Why Personas? In user experience (UX) and interactive design (IxD), personas give a baseline to determine how a specific user base will use any given site. Originally, they were developed and used only by large marketing firms to help them better understand the demographics of their clients so they could specifically market products and achieve […]