To run the below groovy scripts in this blog, you can use the Groovy Script Tester if you are utilizing JMWE. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to quickly identify all Jira projects using a specific issue type? I, for one, have found myself asking this basic question many times, whether I am […]

As mentioned in The Beginning, the Atlassian setup that was inherited started out as 1 team’s answer to a problem. As such, the infrastructure too was built for 1 teams answer. This included servers for Jira, Confluence, Crowd, and Bamboo / Fisheye / Crucible on a shared server. By the time my team became owners, […]

I have been using Jira since 2004, I know the ins-and-outs and feel like it’s the hammer I can hit any problem with!  Suffice it to say that my love for Jira runs deep. When Atlassian announced Trello was joining the family, my initial reaction was…Why? Jira can already do everything Trello does, and it […]

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the administrative nightmare of a Jira Server instance with 936 projects, 1 million+ issues and 5000K users. Now what if I told you that instance was managed by 1 full time employee with a part time assistant with SLAs for requests at no more than 24 hours? […]

I’ve recently picked up the already saturated market of flipping houses. While I enjoy getting my hands dirty tearing down walls, installing flooring, and building decks, I immediately realized that my small collection of standard American household hand tools weren’t going to cut it. For instance, whacking nails with a hammer vs. using a Bostitch […]

One piece of advice I give to organizations using Atlassian products is to have a Jira Guild in place. Wondering why? Well, we often do employ great Atlassian administrators… but we don’t always have the correct answer for every situation. Our products and processes can be complex, from the way they are implemented to the […]

As I approach my Isos anniversary, I thought I would take a moment to share one of the things that I think contributes to a successful business. I have worked in finance and operations for a very long time. It’s been so long that when describing I can now add an “s” to decade. Every […]

In my last blog, I shared my experience with Jira next-gen, trying to be as objective about the experience as possible. If you are working in Jira cloud, you are most likely aware that there are constant changes in Classic Jira and Confluence. It is no different in Jira next-gen. From the point of coming […]

Have you been wondering what Jira next-gen is? …have you taken the time to take a closer look yet? While I have heard “don’t even…”, and “You’re grounded if you even touch that…” I couldn’t resist looking and trying. I took a deep breath and clicked ‘create’ before someone took the mouse away from me. […]

As I fast approach my one year tenure as an employee at Isos Technology, I have gone through stages of involvement.  I was fortunate to come to Isos as a past Client, so when I first began I had a few relationships already established with many at the company.  I was already impressed with the […]