My name is Jared Householder, and my mom says I’m a handsome young man. I’m 19, a little over a semester’s worth of college behind me. I’ve started learning programming when I was about 8 years old, and I love it! I’ve created a few small games, along with rendering and game engines to go […]

We’ve secured our sponsorship for next year and we can’t wait to make more memories! Check out the fun we had this year at Atlassian Summit 2019.  

When I got my first Jira admin position, my husband was confused. I believe his actual words were, “That’s a real job? Don’t you just build it and then it’s done? But you don’t manage the servers. Why do they need you?” Since then I’ve held multiple Jira admin positions and every time he has […]

The page version management system in Confluence provides several benefits to users. For the unaware, Confluence maintains a history of each page consisting of versions that are created each time the page is updated. When viewing a page’s history, the user is able to see when each version was published, who published it, and the […]

I found Isos through a blog way more interesting than this one. As an avid Atlassian enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to what Isos offered in the industry and their fascinating history of how they got here. After some basic researching, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I reached out to […]

In the context of Issue Security, the Automation for Jira app/plugin/add-on provides three great benefits for Jira Administrators seeking to automate and streamline their processes, and empower Project Admins to manage their own project configurations. Automation for Jira allows you to automatically set the security level for a set of issues. Automation for Jira handles its automation […]

Ahoy, friends! Yours truly back with another Atlassian tid-bit! As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, I often get calls from potential customers asking the following: Should I use Cloud or Server? Should I migrate from my Server deployment option into Atlassian’s Cloud deployment? Does it make sense to move into a Cloud environment like AWS, Azure […]

If you haven’t heard about Atlassian’s awesome online community, I encourage you to check out the Atlassian Community today! This year during the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, we anxiously clenched onto our bags waiting to hear the about new releases. Little did we know that Atlassian was rebranding the Atlassian Community. The community, composed of online […]

Atlassian kicked off Summit 2019 with their first Developer Day, and Atlassian Cloud was the focus of most of the sessions. The event foretold some of the announcements that were made during their opening keynote. Atlassian is pushing everyone to the cloud and see all of their customers using it in the future. Developer Day […]

For those of you who have attended an Atlassian Summit, you know it’s an immersive, week long experience jammed packed with training sessions, certification exams, community sessions, keynotes, learning tracks, and BASH… let us not forget BASH! Now, if you’re a swag-hound you might be asking, what about the Expo? You’re in luck, this blog […]