To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The pains of heartlessly initiated help solicitations by email Which cause relentless conversations tween agent and reporter ‘Cause of outrageously scant information, Or to take arms against email intake And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep, […]

We were sponsors yet again this year at Agile Arizona! Agile Arizona is the Southwest’s one-day regional Agile Conference that brings together passionate people, great ideas, and industry best practices. Attendance this year was 500+ strong! Presentations focused on the benefit behind Agile to uncover ways that everyone can work together to overcome challenges.  The adoption of Agile has led to […]

So your first introduction to Atlassian was the Server versions of Jira and Confluence. As an organization, you installed them, administered them, and watched them grow to meet your needs. Over time, you may find yourself wondering if Server is the right model for your organization. Would moving to the Cloud version be a good […]

Agile Arizona is right around the corner. It is in its fourth year and is expected to welcome 500+ attendees! Agile Arizona is the Southwest’s regional conference for Agile practitioners, coaches, trainers and enthusiasts. Guess what, we are sponsoring AGAIN this year! This affordable event is a full-day experience mixing passionate people, great ideas, and […]

I was ten years old in the Summer of ’88, and like every other ten-year-old in Phoenix I was going to spend my day at the pool. The pool in our apartment complex didn’t have a diving board, so I decided to ride my bike down to the public pool. It only cost fifty cents […]

Here at Isos Technology, we are heavily involved in the Atlassian Community. Almost all of us are regulars at our local Atlassian User Groups (AUGs), we frequent the forums, we follow the blogs, we attend the events–we take great pride in helping others along their Atlassian journey and we cherish the connections we make along […]

No. Two letters that end up creating a world of chaos. If you tell a customer “No”, there’s a good chance they’re going to a different provider, escalate a ticket, or talk to your manager. None of those options are ideal. So here are some options when you need to say no, without actually saying […]

When Atlassian unveiled their toolset in 2002, they had software developers in mind, first and foremost. Their belief was that the flexibility and visibility these revolutionary new tools offered would enable development teams to collaborate better and speed project resolution times.  Over the years, more and more business teams have adopted the Atlassian toolset to […]

As I operate in the land of Atlassian licenses I receive many questions on Atlassian Cloud pricing. I’m going to do my best to succinctly summarize your Cloud options. Option 1 – Monthly Subscription Monthly Invoices You will be charged for each created user You can only pay with a credit card or Paypal Price […]

I recently had my first experience with modifying a shell script, and it was interesting. Now, everyone runs into those one-off tasks from time to time. They may not exactly be difficult, but when it is unfamiliar… that can add an element of difficulty, all on its own. Going through the familiar steps of researching […]